Area Code 416

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Area code: 416
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
24, Feb. 2018

We get so many calls

23, Feb. 2018

8th and filed a complaint on Oct 21st and received another call on the 23rd and Nov.

23, Feb. 2018

I had a water filter and air filter installed fraudulently. They represented themselves as being from Enbridge. I did not know about the air filter until both items showed up on my Enbridge bill through UtilEbill. I have been trying since September to get the units removed. Enbridge stopped billing it to me as soon as I called them. I have now received a past due notice from UtilEbill stating it will be sent -to a collection agency. For 2 days this week the #416-613-9175 but no one there when I answered the call. Yesterday a woman called again from that # and stating I was overdue over $600.00 and if I didn't pay it they would put a lien on my house. I was going out and had to get off the phone. She is going to call me back after 2:30 pm today so glad to read the comments ahead of time.

22, Feb. 2018

Research shows a collection agency owns the number.

22, Feb. 2018

i have asked this person at from this number to stop calling repeatedly and i'm getting cursed at by a pakastani

21, Feb. 2018

It was the last call I received that I answered and told them to stop calling.

21, Feb. 2018

He is very aggressive when we tell him to stop calling.

21, Feb. 2018

The call was soliciting refinancing of mortgage.

21, Feb. 2018

PLEASE have these people STOP calling.

20, Feb. 2018

416-613-9175 She never answered my questions. Was so eager to book an appointment to come to my house. I asked what is it and why do you need to come . All legitimate questions she did not answer. So I says we are available all day. She lasted me over to another young lady who sounded 12. She wanted my first name. I asked if this was from the government n she did not answer. I told he wait! I’m looking at your site right now. She asked if I need some more time and told me she would call back in 15 min. She never called back. THIS IS A SCAM!!

20, Feb. 2018

This person continues to be a nusence an continues to call mo matter what I told here.

20, Feb. 2018

It is VERY, VERY annoying.

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