Area Code 416

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Area code: 416
State: Ontario
Country: Canada
26, Apr. 2017

Same number called Jun 2, 2014 at 8:16 pm (pacific) - answered however no person or response.

26, Apr. 2017

called 4/26/2017, no message left

24, Apr. 2017

paddling credit cards.

24, Apr. 2017

If I call the number back to complain, it goes to a full voicemail box that can not take any more messages.

22, Apr. 2017


21, Apr. 2017

duct cleaning service

21, Apr. 2017

I have requested that the Company stop calling, but they have not been responsive.

Here we go again
21, Apr. 2017

Here we go again, a fake text message that said my bank a account has been frozen and to go to the link in the message to unfreeze the account. Don't think so...

Tammy K
20, Apr. 2017

Hey watch out for the secret shopper or mystery shopper scam, it's back. Got a text message that said "Secret shopper job Available (P.T), If willing to work, send name & city to this Email: ...." BTW did not post the burner Gmail account used. You can read more about the scam at these news links, or google it.

20, Apr. 2017

We always remind them that we are on the No Call List and to remove our number, yet we continue to get calls.

19, Apr. 2017

Why don't you just answer it and ask who they are. It would take less time then writing your post. They won't bite

18, Apr. 2017

I received call and person (claiming he is from TD Meloch Monex) wanted to verify my name. He asked me about my upcoming renewal policy and wanted to confirm the ownership. I told him send me renewal if need changes I will let them know. I am not comfortable deal with some random caller asking me to verify home owners.

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