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Phone number: 416-363-5905

is located in Toronto, Ontario.

Its exchange 363 is managed by BELL CANADA - ON.

The number is currently on switch number TOROON01CG3 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists) .

Around 45% of people reported it as "Unknown"

You are the 23th person to search for it here. There has been a total of 11 comments left about the number.

Latest people reported the number as that of "David, Yona"

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This number has been calling my phone since morning and continued till afternoon. Caller says that he is calling to repair my computer. I never contacted this number ever. This is a harassment call.

Reported 10, Aug. 2012.

calls all t he time time and no answer

Reported 25, Sep. 2012.

Nobody on line, "ad calls". Called back this number - did not pick up the phone - dead answer...

Reported 4, Oct. 2012.

This guy calls my no without leaving any msg. I am sure this ba***** lives in Brampton and belongs to the community Brampton known for. If I can get hold of this BAS***** sure he will be no more to call any one on this earth.

Reported 16, Oct. 2012.

Called from 2 different numbers, one being this and another 416 360 1926, both numbers Iv tried calling back either they just simply ring with no answering machine, or just give a telus dead line error saying " lines are busy" :s anyways little did you know mother f****r, buddy of mine works at rcmp telecommunications and fraud pervention. While he tracks this douche bag down and finds me his address so I can personally go to his house and punch his face open, I did an investigation of my own, This is a group of scamming douche bags that get your number off of any classified ads that you may have posted.. Anything from a pen- to a house they will call you and give you some sort of fuckery excuse why they are calling. Or they can some how help you sell whatever it is your selling.. Future advice when posting an add don't leave your phone number, cause we all know how to email scams work I.e I'm pretty f*****g sure NO ONE wants your couch or blackberry in Uganda. And last time I f*****g checked their are no more troops overseas cause no country has funds for that bullshit! So how are you over seas with all this money and want to buy my car via PayPal or eBay and want me to send it to your w***e of a wife sitting in England while you are in Afghanistan and I'm in Canada! Like..... Anyways folks sorry for the language... But I hope I got my point across

Reported 5, Feb. 2013.

I got three calls this morning which rang only twice and then they would hang up, the first number was 416-363-5905 the second one was 416-360-1926! I tried calling back but it just says call failed! Real confused at the moment wanna know who it is, and was they're calling!!!

Reported 2, Apr. 2013.

it is strange the number call to my Chinese cell phone number

Reported 20, May. 2013.

What people don't seem to realize, that just because a number "appears" to be from Toronto, or any other place, they are NOT originating from there. These are in fact coming from India and surrounding areas. What they are able to do with their equipment, is to put any phone number that they want you to see on call display. I actually know a guy that these f'heads were using his number to spoof. Poor guy was getting callbacks from upset people. He had to change his number. So if they are just popping in any number, random, when you call, you will get nothing. But if they are spoofing a real number, if you call, you could actually get to an innocent person. There's no real way to stop these a******s, except maybe using CallClerk. That's worked for us as it communicates with a website like this one that tracks these idiots. Then you can have it send out a number disconnected tones. The number of calls has dropped. Sadly, though, THIS number is coming on my cell. I may have to track the times and set up call forward to my home phone so that CallClerk can process it.

Reported 13, Sep. 2013.

Got a call from this number. Lady by the name of Yona wanted to speak with my mother. When I asked what is my mother's name, she gave the wrong one. Could be an honest mistake, could be a scam attempt.

Reported 3, Oct. 2013.

scam trys to get personal info. says you won a trip.

Reported 8, Oct. 2013.

Will not stop calling about Duct Cleaning services even though I said I have no duct to clean.Annoying. How can we stop these calls?

Reported 6, Sep. 2014.

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