Area Code 415

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Area code: 415
State: California
Country: USA
15, Aug. 2017

Eric Jones number say he is with first financial

8, Aug. 2017

THIS NUMBER calls most days and different times. I do not answer it now. When I did, there was no response. I will report to State of CA.

4, Aug. 2017

This is a scam intended to get your personal medical information. If you ask they who they are, they will not tell you and they will hang up on you. Doubtful they are in the U.S.A. -definite criminals.,

4, Aug. 2017

I think it has to do with Amazon, but I can't call it so I just block it on my cell with Truecaller. My landline picks it up too.

3, Aug. 2017

I get calls from this number several times a day. I do not pick up and they do not leave a message. When I call back (I've done this multiple time), I get a busy signal.

2, Aug. 2017

called july 13 2017 7:59 pm.. local calls call me all the time after i had my information stolen. blocked it now

2, Aug. 2017


a horse with no name
30, Jul. 2017

He put up a bunch of prank Las Vegas Craigslist ads to meet him asap at caesars palace (room 1220) as he was flying out early AM. Room was a DefCon party for Whisky Pirates and Little Jordie the supposed high roller VIP was nowhere to be seen and even called and talked to him while I was there. However it was a win win as the group of people there were interesting to chill with and had an open bar with quality booze which made the drive in Friday night traffic worth it.even though ads were a prank. After sitting with this the next day, I think I hung out and talked with the guy who put up the ad at the party. Nice guy IMHO even if ad was a bit of harmless defcon debauchery. A bunch of others replying to his bogus ads also showed up including a lady and her 2 kids (1 still in stroller)., a gunsmith who was rather pissed and said he was going to contact a detective friend with Metro police etc..etc. *If you are reading this and location is not far away and you are adventurous, I'd say go for it!. Thanks again Jordie you merry prankster. =)

20, Jul. 2017

persistent human female, not a recording, offering funding for craigslist vehicle for sale. They called 3 times a day yesterday and today immediately after the ad was posted. Every time I said thanks but not interested, asked they not call back. they ignore that and call anyway. I think they are just trying to harass.

20, Jul. 2017

Guy tried to sell me health insurance and I said I wasn't interested. He then asked me if I wasn't interested because I was a bitch or a hoe.

14, Jul. 2017

Did not give a name only number. I do not answer those calls

C Pierson
14, Jul. 2017

Received 4 calls today. They wake us up in the middle of the night. Isn't there a way to stop them???

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