Phone: 415-952-3898

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Stinson Beach, California
Its exchange 952 is managed by O1 COMMUNICATIONS, INC.
The number is currently on switch number SNJSCAJRDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 28% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 38 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Michael Carter, Mark Dawson"
19, Sep. 2012

they say they are lawyers and I am ging to be aressted and taken to cal. for prosicution for an internet loan that I never have taken. they wont give me any info on there agency or name or address. when I ask Q they hang up on me

Upset Person
20, Sep. 2012

They called my number and a woman who spoke with an accent said that there were allegations against me and that I would be arrested for some internet debt from many years ago. Caller ID just stated that they were Stinson Beach, CA 415-952-3898. They said that I needed to have my attorney call them. They would not tell me the allegations against me and I explained I didn't have any internet loan in the past. When I started asking questions, they hung up on me. I did call a local attorney, just in case these people were legit, and they told me the whole thing sounded shaded and if they were in CA they could not do anything and they believed it to be a scam. Instructed me to look up the Fair Debt Practices Act and read it. I still don't understand and it still scares me.

20, Sep. 2012

an Indian dude with an accent calling him self David Johnson (yea right) asked me if the local Authority contact me in regards an internet Dept that I have. He asked me to call 415-952-3898 and talk to Michelle Brown. I ask the guy his number and he gave me the same number as Mrs. Brown. I told David that one thing I'll do for sure. Call the local authority, report this number to my State District Attorney and the FBI and press charges against them. Calls stop but I did report this number to the DA.

21, Sep. 2012

The number comes up as sanfrancisco area on my phone same number as above. States they are the attorney general office and if I don't call they wish me a lot of luck with the allegations that are upon me. I do have a Internet loan however I have paid it off and that's when the calls began. Don't answer I was instructed if you confirm that it is you and the number is yours they can confirm everything else and still your identity be careful.

22, Sep. 2012

Same scenarios as above. They claim to be attorneys, and that I am being sued by Cash Advance USA for violation of banking regulations, check fraud and theft. He read me the "charges" over the phone and kept asking me for my attorney's information. THIS IS A SCAM! I will be reporting this to the authorities. They call multiple times a day! HARASSMENT!

29, Sep. 2012

I was called yesterday by some man with a thick accent n told to call Michael Carter to be informed about the charges against me and im surprised and getting upset and i call the number and sum lady named Mariah or something like dat answers and says im being charged for not paying back a debt for USA CASH ADVANCE and ive neva had a loan from them and they said ima b arrested at 4pm and they tried to confirm my address and place of employment but they were wrong and the lady said ima call u back n i said wat she than hung up i called bac several times no one answered and then i called from differnt numbers they answered i told her the FBI was tracking our call n she hung up so fast and i alerted the local police these ppl are trying to steal identities obviously these sites we r applyn to r not secure but i neva got a loan from USA CASH ADVANCE im goin to notify them to of this bullshit i suggest evry1 do the same

29, Sep. 2012

so i got a call the other day this indian guy who call's him self "chris Tyler" bullshit.....been blowing up my phone talking about a dept or somthing and went as far as CALLING MY WORK!!! ive been blowing there phone up all day once i talked to this chris tyler dot head im going to snap!!!

Scared Mother
1, Oct. 2012

Got a call this morning, talked to a Micheal Carter, funny, I see that same name in another compailnt, stating that I was going to be arrested at my place of employment for a payday loan I supposedly got over the internet. Scared the heck out of me so I called the local sherrifs office to find out exactly what was going on. Total scare tactics. Can't something be done to stop these people?

2, Oct. 2012

These people have called me three times today. I answered the second call and informed this Sam Tiller that I had reported them to the FBI and he continued to try and give me a hard time, so I repeated I have reported to the FBI and I hung up. FYI....everyone to lodge a complaint....go to This agency is ran through the FBI and a National Security Internet Agency. I hope if they get enough complaints, they will handle these people.

mr monk
3, Oct. 2012

this number of 415-952-398 called my place of employment and left a message on someone else voice mail they also repeated the last 4 numbers of of social security number they have messed with the wrong person i work in the collection industry and what they are doing is unlawful i will skip trace them and find them to the end of the earth

3, Oct. 2012

This same 415-952-3898 number has been calling my cell phone non-stop and harassing me and today they went so far as to call my place of work. I was not in, so someone took down their name and number. I don't know how to stop these calls because I have gone to the police before. The best I can do is not answer my cell phone but them calling my job is crossing the line!!!

Day and night calls
3, Oct. 2012

Some foreign people keep calling and asking for Jeffrey somebody (can't understand). Said to call Manny Morris back or have my attorney call back OR all they can do is wish me luck with this situation. I've told them twice they have a wrong phone number (once at 11:30 PM!) Just now I called back and asked for Manny Morris and she said he was busy. I started telling her I was tired of the calls and she hung up.

4, Oct. 2012

I have received a few calls from this individual saying pretty much the same thing, however, I have contacted the appropriate legal agencies with that phone number and the highlights of the call. They informed me that this is a nationwide scam and the appropriate action will be taken against those involved.

4, Oct. 2012

Said to call Michelle Brown at 415-952-3898 wanted my information to give to attornay about a lawsuit. I had just earlier that day applied for pay day loan. Not sure if it is related. Could not understand voice the 1st time they called back.

Annoyed in 919
5, Oct. 2012

I did apply for a cash advance loan a few days ago and I see that these sites are very unsecure. However, this 415-952-3898 has been calling me non stop... Stating they are the department of legal affairs out of San Francisco and I need to call them immediately. They have went as far as calling my work number leaving messages... I googled the number and found out that many more people are being harassing... I called them back and cussed out three people with their foreign accents... They all hung up on me... I tried calling them back 40 times now they will not answer.... I stalked them, they way they stalked me... and Now they have left me alone... d**n shame!!!!

annoyed 1n 423
6, Oct. 2012

Got a call form the 415-952-3898, have been scamed before and all they wanted was to get me to pay some bill i did not make, they tried this same thing last year until i told them to come on and get me did the calls stop.

8, Oct. 2012

They called me and said basically the same thing. Had me scared to death even though i knew i wasn't behind on any loans there was still a feeling of what if... i was even debating on whether to even come to work today! Ha! these people need to be arrested and deported back to wherever they are from!! We do not need people like this in OUR country!

9, Oct. 2012

These people are Frauds! Should be put in Jail and then rot in hell-

12, Oct. 2012

Called me stating that I would be arrested at my work tomorrow, over payday loans. Had me scared to go to work. These people should be put in jail for being frauds.

13, Oct. 2012

Just recieved the same type of call from that number now...Foreign guy demanding for my attorneys information, because there has been charges filed against me...but he could not state what the charges are, and stated need to call ms. brown.......

16, Oct. 2012

Same thing with my husband and I. I called this guy back after 6 calls in less than 4 hours. He claimed there were 3 charges against my husband for a internet loan. Gave me an email address he apparently used to "decieve the loan company" and it was c**p! I called the local sherriffs office and they ran my husbands name, nothing. They told me to report it to the state police. The state police told me that these guys are well known, but the USA cant do anything. They are calling from an outside line using VONAGE in india, and its linked to a USA number. My husband got a call from him at work today also. Apparently after they scare the s**t out of you, they then tell you that there is a certian amount of money that can be wired to him directly to stop the charges, and he will pay the loan company. Sadly, people have fallen for this ant some have been scammed out of an excess of 2K!

18, Oct. 2012

sound like a forgner calling me saying a bunch of bowlshit i had charges would'nt say s**t f**k them

19, Oct. 2012

I have received several calls from these people I don't even give them the opportunity to talk as soon as they start talking about State Attorney & legal action I just hang up they eventually stopped calling. SCAMMERS!!!

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