Phone: 415-685-4955

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San Francisco, California (685) exchange.
Around 14% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 14 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Lisa, nicole"
9, Jul. 2013

that number is scammer

2, Sep. 2013

Told to "Text me :)" by some fake account on facebook trying to hit on me. All of "her" friends were guys, too.

13, Sep. 2013

"I liked ur pitcure so I added u. Are you a glass half full or empty kind of guy? er.. I gotta sign off right now :< Text me sometime 415-685-4955" that's what a girl called Ashley Mcgeough told me on facebook and she had friends only from my country

18, Sep. 2013

send me friend request on facebook. hit my inbox moments later with this<<7 hours ago I added you because I liked your pic. How is ur day so far? hey I gotta sign off rgiht now Txt me some time 415-685-4955 k? "

20, Sep. 2013

its a fake acount on facebook, she asked if i wanted a massage and gave her number. she just changes her name to someone off of your friends list

20, Sep. 2013

She/he sent a msg on fb account that she knows me, her name is Lisa n gave a number (415-685-4955)which when I searched was on the name of Ashley... Almost same msg I've got on my fb account, as mentioned b4 by another person! So to avoid any problem in future with others, plz take some action!

21, Sep. 2013

She added me on facebook, her name as seen on facebook is Nicole Briglia and few hours after I accepted the friend request, she sent me this ... “I added you because I liked your pix. Do you like to party? Ugh I need to log out right now. Text me sometime“ Curiosity made me search up this number & I‘m surprised seeing a lot other complaints about it too.

22, Sep. 2013

Nice pics.. What do you do for fun? I gotta go right now Hit me up if u wanna tlak 415-685-4955 " - Jessica Samii Same m.o. as everyone else. Facebook spam.

29, Sep. 2013

Sent a fb request to my husband with the number and said nice pix gotta log out text me today. Gotta say if I didn't look it up my husband would of been in the dog house for sure. Probably worse. Something needs to be done about whoever this is

3, Oct. 2013

Jessica Itani Hi.. whats up? Do u like 420? ugh I gtota log off rihgt now)-: Txt me sometime 415-685-4955

3, Oct. 2013

she gave me a friend request and responded to it. later she chat me up and asked me to text her on this 415-685-4955. I then what you to take note of it she is trying us it to scam people through face book so to help people around, disable the number for the good of all. thank you.

11, Oct. 2013

fb............hahaaaaaaaaa fakish

26, Oct. 2013

Lisa Chance on FB messaged: Hey there hows it going? Do u like to party? I need to logout right now Txt me sometime 415-685-4955 -:) mutual friend was one i used to trust his judgement with, now will look at things closer

5, Jan. 2014

she tried to get me on facebook

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