Phone: 415-484-6151

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Stinson Beach, California
Its exchange 484 is managed by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC -
The number is currently on switch number SNFCCASYDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 37% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 56 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Attoreny Anderson, unavailable"
5, Dec. 2012

Get multiple calls daily. Originally was providing spam style text messages. Then just calls which I ignored. Now it is leaving a voicemail which is a computer voice with message along the line of "this message is for Nancy, call is very important and time sensitive" and gives this same number as a call back. I consider it a spam message becasue of the previous text messages regarding free loans, get out of debt loans, etc.

Anonymous 02
5, Dec. 2012

This person claims to need to speak with somebody at my office regarding legal matters. Middle eastern accent, has called a few times before- it's a scam. They try to get you to share personal information which they have no business knowing. If you tell them to stop calling they just keep calling you which is complete harassment (I've told them this is a business).

5, Dec. 2012

Called asking about information for my attorney. Someone filed something using my name and social security number. He had a middle eastern accent and said he was calling from some internal affairs.

6, Dec. 2012

Threatned me with law suits and they Knew all my personial information. Scammed me for $500.00

7, Dec. 2012

They called and threatened me with a lawsuit and when I called to ask who was sueing me they couldnt give me an answer. Then they proceeded to hang up on me.

7, Dec. 2012

They called my job saying they needed to talk to me as soon as possible. They said they were with internal affairs and had some information regarding my social security number. I use to get calls in the past stating they were with a loan company that I owed money to. Of course, there was a different name then. Please beware! If a call is not coming from a person with an area code in your area speak with them in great caution. Also, if they repeat a number to you make sure you listen carefully to make sure they are giving it to you correctly. If they are even one number off it's very possible for it to be a scam.

7, Dec. 2012

This person has a foreign voice and sort of sounds like a computer. I get multiple calls and they are even calling my work asking for me!

8, Dec. 2012

this person called me he has amid eastern accant he claims to be with the california stats attorm neys office and told me i owe money to some business that i was being prosecuted for check fraud he want a minum of 200 $ he knew my name addrtess phone number and work phone number he told me if i did not pay there would be awarrent for my arrest and i dont live in california

Andrea Lehman
8, Dec. 2012

this man and women called indian accent claiming i had a warrant out for me to have my attorney call them i call back asking for company name and what the case number was and why i had a warrant advised I contacted my local sherrifs office and he said dont waste my time you will get served you owe cashadvanceamerica which I have never had a payday loan with i applied for payday loans got one but I have bank statements showing I paid off but not from cashadvanceamerica...what the heck are these peoples is the law FDC to send a letter first and they cannot contact you threatening you I have a collections certification and know all about the collections and how and what they can and can't do they cannot threaten you and then refuse to give any info...watever

13, Dec. 2012

I am not sure who this person is but they need to get on with it, because I am n ot the one to be fooling with. I will help on this scamming this scam they are trying to do. They have called me about five times as of this moment.

18, Dec. 2012

Got a call from \"Dale Smith\", threatened me that i need a lawyer, and if i dont good luck. Dont buy into this c**p, its a SCAM, they only want ur $$$

22, Dec. 2012

A man with a middle eastern accent has called numerous times asking for Ashley somebody. I also got a couple of text messages to the attention of Ashley to not miss out on this time sensitive offer...get up to $1,000 or something like that. He argued with me this morning when I told him (again) that he had the wrong number. He insisted my number belonged to Ashley and when I asked if he was with some collection agency he said he was with the law firm, but never said which law firm. I'm certain it is a scam of some type.

3, Jan. 2013

this number has called my cell phone and now my work phone there should be something we can do legally to stop this.

3, Jan. 2013

a man with a middle easter accent call me several times he tell me i have a big problem cause i have child support, i dont have any problem of that type

4, Jan. 2013

the no keeps calling me and job saying they are from fbi then tells me to call Micheal Carter which is a women telling me I owe money for a pay day loan which I say I dont they hang up but keep calling

8, Jan. 2013

called my work wanting me to call them back when I called the number it just beeped.

10, Jan. 2013

scamm artists

10, Jan. 2013

Calls and says I have a warrant out for my arrest over cash advance and I owe them $625

14, Jan. 2013


18, Jan. 2013

The man who called me claimed to be with the FBI. I asked him his name and he said "Mark Wilson" and I said thanks, now I can report you to the FBI because it is a crime to falsely represent yourself as an agent. Then I called the FBI and gave them the info. I don't owe anybody any money, but I am reading some of the comments that people have been threatened with arrest.. In America you can't be arrested for not paying your bills.

20, Jan. 2013

Individuals called me from this number stating I owed them money from a cash advance company that I never received from. They are threatening that I will lose my job, that I need an attorney.....etc. This is a scam.

28, Jan. 2013

Advised by the caller, Mark, I would be arrested on a warrant by the Sheriff's Office. Funny thing, when reported to the Sheriff's Office I was advised this was a scam and they had no warrants for me!

13, Feb. 2013

Same as most of the above..Middle Eastern accent, left a threatening voicemail for somebody other than me, I called number back and as soon as it picks up, the line goes dead. Am reporting this phone number to Orange County Sheriff Fraud Department.

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