Phone: 415-466-2093

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San Francisco, California
Its exchange 466 is managed by MCI METRO ATS, INC. - CA
The number is currently on switch number SNFCCAMKDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 44% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 25 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "California, The Midwest Centre. "
18, Jun. 2012

i answer, no one's there

JJ Moit
26, Jul. 2013

I am being called non stop by this number maybe 10 times per day no one on the line when i answer and no voicemails left by caller either... when i call back the message states Welcome to the MidWest Center the Home of the Attacking Anxiety and Depression Program... very strange

29, Aug. 2013

stop calling me please

7, Sep. 2013

They are selling mainly tapes on anxiety/depression. They are good but very expensive. Get 14 or 30 day trial only pay&4.95 S/H as long as you don't forget to call/send back @ end of trial date to cancel. They DO try to sell you other things as well.

11, Sep. 2013

Constant calls - no messages. How do I get on their DNC (Do Not Call) list? There should be a law against all this harassment by telemarketers.

13, Sep. 2013

I have been receiving 3-4 calls per day from this number. I never answer because I don't know the number. Finally called them back through my computer and she told me who they were and said I had requested information on stress and anxiety. I told her no I didn't and she was like, "Are you sure?" I feel like saying, "You calling me several times a day is starting to cause stress and anxiety!" I downloaded an app on my smartphone called Mr. Number which I programed to block this number. Now I get a log of all the times they called but my phone never rings. Obviously they are using computers to just keep dialing out the same numbers but hopefully this won't go on too much longer. I'm definitely less stressed now that I have blocked their number! :-)

16, Sep. 2013

All I know is these people are calling me 6 to 8 times a day,(which includes Sundays!) letting the phone ring 3 times and then hanging up. NOT giving a person time to answer. (Not that I would answer it anyway.) I am getting ready to go make a report to the "DO Not Call" Center, MAYBE that will make the calls stop. (Fingers Crossed!!!!)

16, Sep. 2013

Phone rings a couple of times and stops, never have gotten to pick it up. Handicapped and by the time I get to phone it has stopped ringing. Twice already this morning.

24, Sep. 2013

STOP CALLING ME. I have asked repeatedly for you to stop, and still I receive phone calls 5-6 times a day.

4, Oct. 2013

They call me everyday constantly. I t has been going on for about 3 weeks now. I am to the point where I am considering changing my number.

5, Oct. 2013

I also am getting sick & tired of the calls from this number. I WANT THEM TO STOP. & Yes, It is causing anxiety & frustration !!!!!!!!

9, Oct. 2013

this number 415 466 2093 keep calling me day and night it really making me mad this need to stop

21, Oct. 2013

this number has called my cell phone 4 times in the last two hours... no-one on the line. I called the number and it just makes a busy signal sound.

23, Oct. 2013

PLEASE stop.calling my number. This number has called my phone 30 times in the last 6 days! I will report it next call.

24, Oct. 2013

I saw theri infomercial, and called the toll free number. I hung up when I started to get an idea of the cost. The big mistake I made was forgetting to input *67 before dialing, to prevent delivery of my phone number to them. Since then, I receive 3 or 4 calls EVERY DAY. Caller ID only identifies the caller as CALIFORNIA. They never leave a message, and if you pick up, there is no one immediately on the line. I've noted 3 different phone numbers: 415-466-2093; 925-524-3993; 323-281-1328. If you do an online search on any of the numbers, you find other people having the same harassing experience.

Mrs. E P
5, Nov. 2013

We have been getting repeated calls, as many as one per hour, for days now and it is extremely irritating and frustrating. I will not pick up, since I do not recognize the number and when I checked the area code, realized that it originated from San Francisco. We know of no one living there and do not do any business with anyone from that area of the country. My husband decided to pick up last evening (twice) and no one was even there. This place needs to get shut down ASAP.

14, Nov. 2013

I have been receiving non-stop calls from this annoying number. I will report to see the agency behind this to get appropraite actions. They use this 3 # 415-466-2093; 925-524-3993; 323-281-1328.

2, Dec. 2013

They are constantly calling my phone every half hour from 9am-9pm straight!! Never leave a message, finally picked up told them to stop f-in calling me and now haven't heard from them since. This is the 2nd number that has called me repeatedly like this non-stop, made the other number listen to my tv til they hung up. STOP HARASSING ME!!!!

6, Mar. 2014

Calls everyday...alot. No answer. Very annoying!

16, Mar. 2014

I just received a call from this number on 03/15/2014 at about 8.52p.m.

20, Apr. 2014

Getting calls from this number on a daily basis, numerous times a day. I do not pick up because I am not familiar with the number. PLEASE STOP CALLING ME AS I AM ON THE NATIONAL DO NOT CALL LIST!

24, May. 2014

After months of not answering these calls, I finally picked up. A woman asked for me (by my first name). I said she (me) doesn't live here anymore. She had the nerve to ask how long I hadn't lived here. I said I could not give out anymore information and hung up. Hopefully, this will stop the calls.

22, Jun. 2014

never leaves messages and I will not call a strange number that is out of my area code

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