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11, Jul. 2018

Account manager from StubHub attempting to get you to complete a sale.

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15, Jun. 2018

Call begins with a recorded message re: Florida vacation rentals then transfers over to a live operator.

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31, May. 2018

This number has called me 4-5 times in the last week leaving no message. I blocked them.

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18, Jan. 2018


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2, Mar. 2017

Same experience as others here, I have no idea how to report them... I'm sick of this kind of telemarketer...

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20, Oct. 2016

Sometimes they call several times a day.

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14, Oct. 2016

Once they call multiple times in one day or call multiple days, they are harassing.

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13, Sep. 2016

This company uses a different phone number (including different area code) every time they call.

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7, Sep. 2016


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4, Aug. 2016

Who ever is calling me from this number STOP

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3, Aug. 2016

When I push #2 to be removed, the operator that answers - hangs up, when I ask to be removed.

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26, May. 2016

Automated message scam from IRS saying time was critical to call back before they go after me. Return phone number they gave me was 415.363.0183

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25, Apr. 2016

continuous calls up to three times daily.

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11, Apr. 2016

Same company called on 12-28-13 @ about 5:30 PM, asked caller to not call back.

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8, Apr. 2016

Claims to be IRS. Do not fall for it.

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7, Apr. 2016

We tried to ask them to remove our phone number from their data, but there is no live person to talk to.

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6, Apr. 2016

Recorded message about saving money on cruises

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5, Apr. 2016

We have not nor do we utilize travel agencies NOT in our area.

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29, Mar. 2016

Left message claiming to be an IRS agent saying there was an arrest warrant for me and I should call back immediately upon receiving the message. Probably a scam, the caller had an Australian accent.

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28, Mar. 2016

No message, this is just a courtesy call.

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21, Mar. 2016

Bandwidth SMSEnabled VoIP in Ashton, MD.

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21, Mar. 2016

Recording Saying it is IRS and they are taking a warrant out for my arrest.. BAHAHAHAHA

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16, Mar. 2016

He said he was calling from Windows security service.

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2, Sep. 2015

Not the time we rec.

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11, May. 2015

Called several times and never leaves a message. I tried to call the number back and I can't even get a ring tone.

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19, Mar. 2015

I have been getting phone calls from this number. It has called me 4x's a day for the past week and half, an it's getting really annoying. What do I do?

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5, Mar. 2015

Think he has called in the past also.

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24, Feb. 2015

Called me 2x today, no one answered

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30, Jan. 2015

I asked him to verify his identity, and I told him that I thought the call was not legit.

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6, Oct. 2014

Alarm System Scam. Have asked them to stop calling several times to no avail.

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2, Oct. 2014

These people keep calling and calling they use many different phone numbers.

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15, Aug. 2014

caller remains silent. has called numerous times. when you call it back you stay on the eternal hold until the recording comes back on and says "goodbye" and disconnects you.

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7, Aug. 2014

People who harass us with calls literally laugh at me when I tell them we are on the do not call registry...

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1, Aug. 2014

Person says they are with public appeal and quickly hangs up.

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30, Jul. 2014

I don't get why they (the weird callers) do this: They don't say anything & they don't leave a message. What do they hope to achieve? It doesn't make sense. I think from now on I won't bother to check the numbers, just zap them on my caller I D box.

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29, Jun. 2014

When I told them I was on the National Do Not Call Registry, they hung up on me.

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10, Jun. 2014

When told this company that I was on the do not call list, they continued to try to interrupt me.

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22, May. 2014

You can't tell them to stop calling when it is automated. After the message, you get clicks and then disconnected. The stress from these calls has driven me to the brink of suicide to stop them.

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20, May. 2014

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19, May. 2014

This number keeps calling me, but when I answer, there's a silence and then the line disconnects. My caller ID shows it as Health Wellness. I have tried several times to call back and tell them to take me off their call list, but all I hear is music interrupted periodically be a helium voice saying, "Your call is very important to us. Please stay on the line and you'll be transferred to the next available agent." Then another recorded voice says, "Goodbye." Very annoying.

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1, May. 2014

This number called and hung up when my answering machine picked up. I looked the number up online and see it is a telemarketing company.

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30, Apr. 2014

Euthenize them all

David Wells
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26, Apr. 2014

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16, Apr. 2014

This was a recorded call. They appear to be asking for information. I got suspicious. They should not be allowed to do that, especially via recorded messages.

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14, Apr. 2014

I received a call on my cell phone. I didn't recognize the number so I didn't answer; then used "Bing" to find this site and found out it was a telemarketer/spam call, so I blocked it.

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8, Apr. 2014

I just received a call from this number. The man calling asked for me by name. I replied: "This is ....How can I help you?" and he promptly hung up. This has to be a scammer in some form. Beware.

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4, Apr. 2014

Keeping calling every 5 minutes. leaving no voicemail. I have blocked the phone number.

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29, Mar. 2014

Call everyday including Sunday.

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22, Mar. 2014

calls and hangs up when you pick upsince when

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11, Mar. 2014

Hang up over and over

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10, Mar. 2014

lots of background noise. asked who was calling: Andrea. Asked to be put on do not call list and hung up.

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4, Mar. 2014

called 3 times this afternoon ... never leave a message ... very annoying