Phone: 413-749-5006

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Adams, Massachusetts
Its exchange 749 is managed by VERIZON NEW ENGLAND INC. DBA V
The number is currently on switch number ADMSMAMADS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 50% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
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14, May. 2013

Quite possibly connected to the other TWO SPAM calls I got with Massachusetts area codes today: 781-995-2211 (Boston) and 508-876-4968 (Worcester). BOTH were traced to a TELEMARKETER/SPAMMING company known as "MEYER ASSOCIATES TELESERVICES", based in MICHIGAN, which is KNOWN for using ILLEGALLY SPOOFED LOCAL/IN STATE numbers to FOOL people into picking up calls from unrecognized but familiar-looking numbers. They also use the RUSE of doing "Political Surveys" BUT are REALLY in the DATA MINING business and ask all kinds of PERSONAL questions which they then RECORD and use to SELL to other TELEMARKETERS and BUSINESSES including BANKS, INSURANCE COMPANIES, etc. This is basically FOR PROFIT BIG BROTHER. Their M.O is to call and let it ring only 3.5 times, hanging up before answering machines and voicemail picks up, to avoid paying for 'dead' calls.

5, Jun. 2013

This is likely KNOWN SCUMBAG SCAMMER-TELMARKETERS: MEYER ASSOCIATES TELESERVICES, which is based in MICHIGAN. EVEN WHEN you call their number back, they DO NOT ID themselves. They are CLAIMING to be awarding "rewards cards' for filling out online surveys, HOWEVER, I *NEVER* divulge my PRIVATE, Pre-PAID cell number to ANYONE like this. This is a PHISHING SCAM, pure and simple, attempting to get NAMES and ADDRESSES to go with CELL NUMBERS out there for FOR-PROFIT SELLING of this information. They use SPOOFED phone numbers (ILLEGAL), ROBODIALING (ILLEGAL) and FALSE PROMISES (ILLEGAL) to TAKE ADVANTAGE of you. DO NOT give them ANY info and DO NOT PRESS ANY NUMBER to 'be taken off their list. CLASSIC SPAMMER LIES!!!

3, Sep. 2013

received a missed call from 413-749-5006. I called the number back & an automated machine spoke vaguely about how I "recently visited an associate's website" and as a courtesy they wanted to give me "rebate cards" that I could spend at popular retailers and "many more".. I pressed 1 to see what rebates were available for me (just to see what would happen).. A gentleman answered the phone and asked me for my first and last name to see what was available for me.. I didn't answer and asked where they got my number from.. The man said "from our nationwide marketing services". Again a vague answer.. I told him to put my number on their do not call list. He said thank you and hung up. I called back and pressed the "2" option which was "press 2 to be placed on our do not call list" The call was obviously phishing for my name so this marketing company can try to connect my name to their phone number, making it more valuable. SPAM!

21, Nov. 2013

It is indeed a reward card offer for a website visit, they were unable to say which website. They are dialing my cell which only family members have the number to. All my phones are listed on the do not call list. I called back, pressed 1 and asked to be put on the do not call list, I did not dial 2 the option to "be removed" it hung up on me almost as fast as I dial the we will see.

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