Area Code 412

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Area code: 412
State: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
28, Mar. 2017

Recorded call claims to be able to lower my credit card rates.

Ann Noid
28, Mar. 2017

Just City and State in the ID and no message. Spam/ Spoof/ Phishing = prank When Goolging this number the word 'Mistrustful' and 'Insecure' popped up. Yeah, phone hobbyist is just another name for telemarketer...

28, Mar. 2017

Didn't recognize #, didn't answer, left no message

27, Mar. 2017

if not answered, also hangs up

27, Mar. 2017

Sometimes another was calling while still on the phone with the previous agent!

26, Mar. 2017

Two faces asshole... no respect for woman in a committed relationship

25, Mar. 2017

When I returned the call the interrupt message said the number you have reached is not a working number.

24, Mar. 2017

I have no clue who they are, they didn't leave any message either... I wondered whether there is somebody here who could clarify this caller...

24, Mar. 2017

This was actually a call for me to check if I was approved for a credit card.

23, Mar. 2017 Diversified Consultants, Inc. The nation’s leading telecom-specific collection agency specializing in the recovery of bad debt for Wireless, Landline, Cable, Satellite, and Security arenas.

23, Mar. 2017

kept referring to "the warranty" expiring, referenced mailings that had been sent to me, last chance to act on "the warranty." Totally bogus.

22, Mar. 2017

The recorded message refers to fraudulent charges and case number also threatening a summons.

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