Area Code 412

Additional information:

Area code: 412
State: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
23, Nov. 2017

Upon answering the phone, a recorded message advises we have been chosen for a special offer.

23, Nov. 2017

It is a scam. They are trying to get you to believe there is a problem with your electric service

22, Nov. 2017

they call all the time at least once per week from multiple different numbers (i block them as they come in)

22, Nov. 2017

@nd day - voicemail on cell - automated msg. D/N wait for 'beep', leaving only partial #, no company name (got # from V-mail announcement). Solicited return call & have my electric service bill available, gave a "Reference number - PA-7854123". Got calls similar last year - Co. trying to pressure for on-phone change-electric-supplier. Ignorant/arrogant "Closer" - rate higher than present supplier - very "Do-It-NOW !"..- I .hung up..

22, Nov. 2017

Usually they hang up when we answer, once they ask for a guy named michael, no michael here at this number.

22, Nov. 2017

The consumer has asked to be removed and they continue to call or hung up on him.

22, Nov. 2017

These guys are notorious cold callers that will not remove your number when asked (see yelp reviews).

22, Nov. 2017

I just got a voicemail from this number. Same story, energy. And the exact same "Pa reference number pa4112356. I called and listened first. The man said something about insurance. I hung up. Called back, female answered, I called her on the b.s. and she promised to remove me from the list. Bottom line, yes this is a scam....

21, Nov. 2017

Recorded by Caller ID from Yorba Linda, CA.

21, Nov. 2017

Left a voicemail that seems to be generic including the reference number. "Hello this is Sandy Baker this message is in reference to the retail energy choice program for the state of Pennsylvania and your energy supply charges on your electric account please call me back at 412-347-4368 and have a copy of your electric statement handy to review your reference number is PA 411-2356"

21, Nov. 2017

They left a ringless voicemail. Same deal as above, with instructions to call with my bill handy.

21, Nov. 2017

Have reported them several times

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