Phone: 412-706-5740

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Carnegie, Pennsylvania
Its exchange 706 is managed by XO PENNSYLVANIA, INC.
The number is currently on switch number PITBPADTX5Y (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 42% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 14 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "412-706-5740, Honda"
14, Jun. 2012

This number has called me several time. I do not answer numbers I do not know,even so out of Texas number. I sincerely wish tht something could be done to stop these phone calls.

14, Jun. 2012

5, Jul. 2012

I gave them my Google Voice number and Google doesn't even bother to forward it to my cellphone, it seems to drop directly to an email notice of a missed call. I wish they'd leave a message with a survey ID so I can respond

26, Jul. 2012

Satisfaction survey after purchasing a Honda.

28, Sep. 2012

makes sense. i just bought a honda

John V
6, Oct. 2012

Call came on CELL PHONE. Did not answer. Do not know anyone in 412 area code. NO message IF it was Honda survey.

18, Nov. 2012

7, Dec. 2012

If you call in back they tell you that they don't leave messages and they don't have a voicemail tied to the number. I just hope that they get the hint that when you pick it up it just hangs up and that is why they are not getting survey responses

12, Dec. 2012

Customer satisfaction survey after buying a Honda. Ive blocked them now as they are calling repeatedly

2, Mar. 2013

Unknown what this is as they never leave a message. I have just bought a Honda. If it is a satisfaction survey they need to email me. (Very satisfied by the way :) )

30, Mar. 2013

I have received two calls from this number. Each time I picked up & said hello. They just hung up.

10, Oct. 2013

They keep calling and leave no message. Yes we just bought a Honda. They have the home address and email address. They can send the survey.

18, Nov. 2013

I have the same issue. I prolly get 3-4 calls from this # a week.

18, Nov. 2014

Also just bought a Honda and dealer told me I'd be getting a call from Honda asking about purchase experience. Based on previous comments, I'd guess this is what the call is.

20, Feb. 2015

I just bought a Honda too.

12, Sep. 2015

I just bought a honda in ma too, and receive calls from this same number.

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