Phone: 412-430-5588

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Around 23% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 17 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "412-430-5588, Recorded Message"
11, Jun. 2013


11, Jun. 2013

6/11/2013 - Called and hung-up when I answered the phone.

14, Jun. 2013

Caller hangs up when i answer. Annoying

24, Jun. 2013

they call at least twice a week and hang up when I answer

25, Jun. 2013

This phone number called but didn't say anything when I answered????

27, Jun. 2013

This is a company selling health insurance.

27, Jun. 2013

A Lady said "Hello" and then they hang up

10, Jul. 2013

CALL THIS NUMBER 312-506-0920 the company name is Peerless Network. I called and gave them the number that was calling me (4124305588) They are also reporting to the b*tch's boss about her behavior. Peerless Network is not a telemarketer. They are kind of like At&t or Verizon only for companies that make calls and stuff and have access to their customers (like the s***k calling me) calling database to control misuse. They were really, really nice to me. Also please dont let the bad telemarketers make you be mean to the good ones. There are honest telemarketers out there who are respectful and will remove your number if you ask them to. They are just trying to make a living like everyone else.

27, Jul. 2013

Recorded message. Accent hard to understand. Something about dental coverage? I hit zero, to demand they stop calling, but it did nothing. I called the number back, only to have one recorded message tell me to please hold, then another tell me good bye, and hang up on me. Filed complaint with

6, Aug. 2013

Scam Alert on this number 412-430-5588, watch wcjb news report here, about a minute and half into news report they reference this phone number as the number the scammers call from, trying to get your personal information:

8, Aug. 2013

Scam. Says they are calling about an insurance inquiry I made on-line. (I've never made an insurance inquiry.) When I started asking questions, they hung up.

20, Aug. 2013

constant calls and no voice message, Very annoying!!

Jane Doe
28, Aug. 2013

This number was just featured on the news. Do not fall for the scam. They are targeting elderly people trying to get their medicare information. I don't know why they are calling me, because I am in my early 30's, but I just wanted to put something out there for other people. Please see the video link below to the news story:

30, Aug. 2013

I called them back after I looked up the area code. Says they are from PA but I don't think so. They put me on hold and then another voice message said "goodbye". I looked them up and saw they were a scam. Do not fall for the scam! File a report against them so this nonsense can be put to a stop!

31, Aug. 2013

These morons continue to call me at like 1 in the morning. I've received like 10 messages per day from them. I am going to report them if they call me one more time because its really annoying. One call they said they were a health insurance company and another one they said they were a pharmacy. I was rude to them several times and I said "if you ever call this number again I will call the police on you bozos." I'm an adult and I'm not an elderly so i don't know how they got my number but don't fall for the scam. They asked me for my credit card # and my social security #. These fools aren't cute or funny. I don't know what kinda joke they think this is but it's not funny at all, it's really serious. Be smart and if they call you report them. Thanks.

10, Sep. 2013

Said she calling about an online life insurance request I had made. I called her back and told her I am on the Colorado do not call list and if she calls me again, I will sue her,

20, Nov. 2014

Had to restrict call

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