412-425-2734 (Scammers)

  • Scam is known as: "Rachel from credit card services.
  • Has been around since 2009
  • Declared public enemy number one by FTC
  • Latest people reported the number as that of "No name, robo call"
  • Around 38% of people reported it as "Recorded Message"
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25, Nov. 2013

Robo call about lowering credit card interest rates

25, Nov. 2013

was unable to block it by my phone service provider.

26, Nov. 2013

Solicitation call from an agency offering a lower interest fee on credit cards. When I connected with a person & asked to have my number removed, I was cut off. I am on a Do Not Call list.

27, Nov. 2013

Recorded msg, "Final call from card member services..." Definitely a scam phishing expedition.

27, Nov. 2013

The calls have increased from one every few days to three already today. Each time I connect with a person to ask for my number to be removed, the person answering hangs up. I am on a Do Not Call list.

29, Nov. 2013

Final notice about lowering credit card payments have been received for 2 years. Government do not call list is worthless. Woman told me I am listed as call 1000 times. Told me they will keep calling.

29, Nov. 2013

Annoying call and bothersome!! Ought to be eradicated.....

30, Nov. 2013

Did not answer. Have a policy of never answering callers that I do not recognize. No message left.

2, Dec. 2013

The calls have increased from one every few days to three already today. Each time I connect with a person to ask for my number to be removed, the person answering hangs up. I am on a Do Not Call list. Read more at http://www.whycall.me/412-425-2734.html#foquiQRjZOK1RHwZ.99

2, Dec. 2013

This is one of the Lower Your Rate credit card companies. There is no number to press to have your phone line taken off their list. When you press "1" and ask to be removed, you are told that "they didn't call you, you pressed "1" to be connected to them." The individual told me the name of the company was Credit Card Services, LLC located in Bridgeport, CT. He told me I could access them by calling the number on the back on any of my credit cards. Amazing, since my credit cards are from different providers. There is no recourse for this because the No Call List is not enforced by anyone, and these companies seem to feel like they a) don't have to give you a way to get off their lists; b) by dialing "1' you called them, they didn't call you. And then, they guy had the nerve to tell me they were a legitimate company. Unfortunately, even the definition of legitimate has changed.

4, Dec. 2013

I pushed 1 to get a live person. I requested my # be removed from their calling list and I was disconnected. I'm going to see if I can report this to the BBB in PA.

John of Lower Merion
11, Dec. 2013

Robo call recorded 11 December 2013 ("Lower your interest rate...second and final notice..." ) Credit Card SCAM Caller ID: "Cell Phone PA" Also called recently from: (706) 805-1777 | (706) 805-1776 | (360) 322-6708 | (616) 980-2164 | (616) 980-2063 | (616) 980-2030 | (616) 613-2228 | (616) 613-2199 | (215) 383-3414 | (415) 333-9999 Only a couple of weeks have gone by since their last barrage, they changed their number so they're getting past my call blocker. I wish I had a quarter for every time a robo call voice said "...this is your second and final notice..." They mention that to qualify, you must have debt and at least one credit card in "good standing". That means they want to charge your cred card when they get the opportunity. This one's so stupid, yet people fall for it. Don't answer your phone, people, if you don't recognize the number. "[female voice]This is a very important message about your current credit card accounts. This is your second and final notice to lower your credit card interest rate and payments. To qualify, you must have credit card debt and at least one credit card in good standing. Press 1 now to find out the terms conditions and associated changes before the next billing cycle. Again, this is your final notice as it relates to the financial stimulus. So press 1 now to take advantage of this today." Thanks to Google Voice ( www.google.com/voice ) you can hear this recorded robo call on my Spam Calls web page: http://home.comcast.net/~achx88a/spam/spamcalls.htm Signup for your own free Google Voice account at www.google.com/voice and avoid telephone call spam

31, Dec. 2013

There is no number to press to have my phone # taken off their list. When I press "1" and ask for the firm name, they hang up. I filed a complaint at https://complaints.donotcall.gov

31, Dec. 2013

Robo call offering to lower credit card payments. I have an unlisted number that is on the DNC list. I pressed 1 because they don't have a "remove from list" option. Asked to be removed from their list, but was only halfway through my sentence when the woman SCREAMED "No" at me and hung up. I called Sprint because they apparently own the number, but they couldn't find it in their system.

3, Jan. 2014

All calls here are taped, they hang up.

22, Jan. 2014

I picked phone up, then hung it up not giving caller a chance to speak or the robo call to start talking.

22, Jan. 2014

I like to speak with the person and waste their time

Go To Sprint.
29, Jan. 2014

Seeing as this is a Sprint number call Sprint directly and ask they do something about this.. You can call Sprint free on 1-888-211-4727 and go through the prompts to speak to customer service. FCC will do.........zilch.

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