Phone: 412-282-1423

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Its exchange 282 is managed by GLOBAL CROSSING LOCAL SERVICES
The number is currently on switch number PITDPA550MD (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 69% of people reported it as "Collection Agency"
There has been a total of 23 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Portfolio Recovery, Portfolio Recovery"
10, Jul. 2012

This is a collection agency that calls about non existing debt or so old its totally out of the limits. They have about 100+ numbers, all different. They have been calling over 2 years now, even tho we are not who they are looking for. Totally harassing. Ignore. Block another one.

walter mcintyre
25, Jul. 2012

these camel f*****g cocksuckers keep calling my number asking for someone who has never lived here. please have them come to my home so i can put my foot down their q***r throat. please send this to the agency...i hope everyone of your children die while getting fucked by a rabid camel!!! leave me the f**k alone or come see me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25, Jul. 2012

i hope all of your camel riding faggots die today. every time one of you punks call, i will verbally attack you and if you will come to me, i will stop you

25, Jul. 2012

Have no idea who they are looking for but they are invading my privacy and they call at all times and wkends. Can you stop them?

1, Aug. 2012

This company has TONS of numbers in different states. Some are from PA, FL,MD and sometimes shows the name on the caller id, but I have noticed lately since I ignore the calls it will only say the state it is from on the ID. They have been calling for over a yr about a medical bill debt that my fiance doesnt owe, because IN COURT about 8 yrs ago it was declared the person who injured him would be paying the bills. He sent them paper work stating that before, and they [last time I actually talked to them -6 mths ago] ask for the paperwork again. Also, can collection agencies even speak to someone other than who the call is intended about a debt? These people are the most annoying company ever , and I wonder if the "debts" they are trying to collect on are even legit because theyve said a few times they would send paperwork with figures of what they show is owed , but never do.. just call

3, Aug. 2012

You must ask for BUT they will never send the verification information. I have checked several sights as they are calling our home number also (started ported phone into son-in-law's name). They are a vampire company - meaning that the debts if they existed are beyond the limits or simply do not exist (phantom or zombie debt). And this is illegal. (as are their tactics). here's a link on some info on what you need to do: You will have to file with the FTC & your states ATTORNEY GENERAL and let them attempt to handle it. Hopefully they can manage to get the verification letter for you (read this on another site about this company - were calling man, saying owed for credit card, not send him required, Atty Gen involvement, sent them verification, ONLY this so called debt did NOT belong to this man, the application for credit clearly had someone else's name on it & the atty gen must've told them where to step off for this fellow).

14, Aug. 2012

This person called to tell me I have a bank balance of over $1000, when I said I was not the person he was looking for he became angry and hung up on me.

26, Sep. 2012

Life only requires 2 things: WD40 and Duct Tape. If it doesn't move and should-- use WD-40. If it shouldn't move and does use the--duct tape. LOL

2, Oct. 2012

These Vamps...Calling 3-4 times every day, different numbers, told them year & half ago...stop calling.. Finally pickedup phone in Sept 2012 to challange the person...The told me is was a debt unpaid from 2001 for capital One credit card..I told them..Have records..i paid off in settlement with capital One..2001..Finished..then..These people? (Think people they vs Vamps)?? Told them they were very wrong in trying to collect anything at all..beyond the statute of limitations i believe...Told her...She(Portfolio Recovery ) is now guaranted to be sued for Harrassing me..Illegally?? Immediately..the next 5 more call's..Then 10/01/12..calls began with their name..different # from Nevada....It's lawyer time....

" is this abc"
3, Oct. 2012

They call me everyday usually between 9:30 am and 10:00 am. They use a different calling number every time so that I can't block them! On the week -end the time varies. I answer every time, and without saying yes to whom I am, I try to "take them over the coals!" They however, keep calling and I keep the "coals" burning by answering! It's now a game!

Rogue collection agency buster
9, Oct. 2012

This rogue collection agency called me previously and I was prepared for them when they called today, recognizing the number on my caller ID. Aside from the types of debts already noted in the comments above, they attempt to collect on old credit card debts that are no longer legally owed under state statute of limitation laws. There are few U.S. states in which creditors can try to collect up to 7 years, but in most states the statute of limitation on creditor debt is only 2 or 3 years. Their primary victims are those ignorant of the statute of limitation law in which the debt was owed, and who allow themselves to get coerced by these verbally aggressive, intimidating phone center con artists into start making payments. I just gave the b***h who called today an earful, stating that information about their rogue agency is all over the internet; that their asses are going to end up in jail. I then told her as she kept trying to talk over me to remove me from their calling list and hung up.

16, Oct. 2012

Called for a person I never heard of. When I told the un-named caller I knew of no one by that name they said "Thank you very much" and hung up. I'm confident that this is not the last time I will hear from this number.

31, Oct. 2012

Here is a address that I found if you want to write and tell them no more call's put it in writing !! STOP CALLING !!!!!!!!!!!Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC. 120 Corporate Blvd., Norfolk, VA 23502

22, Nov. 2012

This collection agency calls at all hours - early mornings, late evenings, etc., even on Sundays! They say they are trying to collect on a cell phone bill.

bess guyett
28, Nov. 2012

After calling me for over three years and 3 x per day, I finally decided to answer yesterday. They were attempting to collect a debt that was included in a Chapter 13 that I had in 1998. The chapter 13 was converted to a 7 when I sold the house. The debt is no longer on my credit report. I told them to stop calling that the debt is not legitimate. They said I needed to send them a letter. I am going to report them to consumer affairs. They are not authorized to collect anything. I have had to turn my ringer off and let the machine pick up. 3 years, 3 x per least I am providing someone with a job. :)

28, Dec. 2012

Portfolio Recovery is what my caller ID say. They are calling about a debt that has ran the California statute of limitations. How can I stop these calls. They are totally annoying. This call came on 12/26/12 at 5:22 pm.

2, Jan. 2013

Yet another number for the predatory Portfolio Recovery Associates. They literally have hundreds of different numbers and do not adhere to the letter of the law regarding collections. Of course, that's with the assumption that the debt is yours, or even legitimate. Do an internet search for "Portfolio Recovery Associates" and it will vindicate statement provided by everyone here. Sad. Because of the multitude of different phone numbers and calling locations, they have successfully escaped prosecution... but it will come someday, whether through the courts or some entity that seeks physical retribution.

9, Jan. 2013

my phone ring over and over everyday for the last three years.

23, Jan. 2013

So Portfolio Recovery called at 5:58 pm looking for my wife. They insisted on speaking only with my wife and did not seem to like the fact that I was familiar enough to know that they could talk to me about the matter. Next time they call, I will be recording the phone call and taking them to court for harassment if they decide to continue calling.

11, Feb. 2013

Received two calls pn 2-6-2013 do not leave a message one time when I answered they asked for someone I did not know. I am on the do not call list and still get calls from this phone numbers

21, Feb. 2013

These a******s have been calling from multiple numbers (8) so far for the last two weeks. They never leave a message and I am not delinquent on any of my bills. Same story as everyone else.

Ann C
26, Feb. 2013

Got a call from this number today this was a different one than they have been using this is like the 7th number they have used they call every day all times of the day I wish they would stop

5, Mar. 2013

They keep calling me telling me I have a Newport News account that is in collection. The joke is I've never owned a Newport New credit card. At first I use to get real mad and fight with the person on the other side. But as the time as gone bye I started to think into it, dont get mad get even. So now I waste their time. Its so much fun. When I see the caller ID I run to the phone now and speak in spanish "Hola". They hang up on me. When they ask for my name, I ask for their name etc. etc.. etc. They get so mad... its really kinda of fun! Try it..

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