Area Code 410

Additional information:

Area code: 410
State: Maryland
Country: USA
14, Aug. 2017

In addition to this number, I also received the same recorded message from (661) 548-2252.

The Doctor
7, Aug. 2017

Calls periodically, but has never left a message. Not sure what scam they're perpetrating. I assume they're trying to call my cell phone...since it begins 410-218-xxxx...thinking I'll assume it's a friendly call since it's the same area code and exchange. This number has been blocked for some time now, so they're just wasting their time.

Christa Justice
7, Aug. 2017

They did the exact same thing to me, 4x in one minute?! No message left...Weird

4, Aug. 2017

Received fake IRS call with automated message leaving the number 410-205-2316 to call back or someone would be coming to arrest me. Tell any elderly person that you know about this. They are usually the one's that fall prey to these thieves.

4, Aug. 2017

Claimed to be from the police alliance looking for a donation. Asked for what area they represent. Liar sped up his script reading and turned the call over to someone else for verification who could not answer questions

19, Jul. 2017

This number calls my home several times a day, and they don't leave any message either.

18, Jul. 2017

After 4ish calls which I didn't answer because I don't know anyone in Odenton, blocked calls. Calls don't stop however, especially on weekends.

17, Jul. 2017

I'm sick of this person or business calling....they call daily morning noon and night! I blocked them but it does not atop them...gow do they get away with it??

15, Jul. 2017

Stop putting stickers on my front door. This person doesn't live here. I have cameras on property. I have "NO TRESPASSING" signs everywhere. Next time my pitbull gets let out!

15, Jul. 2017

This is a call from Anne Arundel County Public Library telling you books are overdue

12, Jul. 2017

Called my Grandmother, said he was in Baltimore and there was a funeral he was attending. Stated he got in an accident and that the police used the breathalyzer on him. He said he broke his nose and he was in jail and needed bail money. My grandma said they don't have any money, he hangs up.

12, Jul. 2017

This woman was very rude. Calling multiple times at once. And the lady hung up on me. I am beyond pissed

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