Area Code 410

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Area code: 410
State: Maryland
Country: USA
17, Aug. 2018

Often times the people calling speak very broken English, and are very hard to understand.

17, Aug. 2018

The caller asked for me by name and when I responded by asking who was calling, they did not respond so I hung up.

17, Aug. 2018

It was a recorded message stating that since I pay on time, I was given this "last chance" to lower my interest rate on my credit card. There was an option to opt out of further calls, which I pressed, but I thought that being on the do not call registry meant they aren't to be calling me.

17, Aug. 2018

Yup, called BCBS the day before as well. INTERESTING!

17, Aug. 2018

I have received dozens, maybe 100 calls from this number.

17, Aug. 2018

Forced me to spend $100 to buy a call blocker device.

17, Aug. 2018

May before, but just deleted from log.

16, Aug. 2018

I answered and had dead air.

None of Your Business
15, Aug. 2018

I get up to 4 calls a day from this number. Usually I never answer, the answering machine comes on and then whoever is calling hzngs up. Yesterday, when this number called, I picked up the receiver and slammed it down. Hopefully, the scammers will take the hint. Though I doubt it. It must be a con artist. Who else calls 4 times a day every day of the week?

14, Aug. 2018

Got a call today from Marianne Robinson calling about unsecured credit debt, the return call # was 866-781-5300, reference #20204. It didn't sound like a robocall but a real person.

14, Aug. 2018

This call was actually received at 09:29 a.m. on 10 September 2013.

14, Aug. 2018

Calls every single day of year.

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