Phone: 410-504-6910

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Baltimore, Maryland
Its exchange 504 is managed by VERIZON MARYLAND, INC. - MD
The number is currently on switch number OWMLMDOMDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 53% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 15 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Ashley, Ashley"
10, Oct. 2013

called about college enrollment . I never called or requested their informantion. A scam...

12, Oct. 2013

I got call from this number, they were asking about my education and future plans to get enroll. The person on other side was stupid enough to her anything correctly... TOTALLY SPAM

15, Dec. 2013

This is the third day in a row i have gotten a call from this number and they don't say anything just hang up i call back and it just rings really starting to piss me off

4, Jan. 2014

just from this number and they hang up on me .

6, Jan. 2014

for Academic Advisor reponses were recorded... stated the same answer for a couple of questions I asked then hung up tried to call back... a Scam

8, Jan. 2014

I get a call from this number every hour all day long and its a scam! every time i ask to stop being called they hang up on me and don't stop! i am on a do not call list and somehow they still got my number

15, Jan. 2014

Very annoying. Never asked for a call about this service.

15, Jan. 2014

25, Jan. 2014

This phone number has called me 4x today and 2x yesterday. They never leave a message. I called the number back it, the phone rings one time & hangs up.

17, Feb. 2014

I made the mistake of registering with a temp-agency that is apparently selling the information to the world. Have received 3 unsolicited calls from this number today.

24, Mar. 2014

have called 8x just today, after being told all 8x to stop calling now she (ashley) calls and hangs up.

3, Apr. 2014

This phone number called me twice yesterday(once after 9pm) and six times already today and it's only noon. I've blocked the initial phone number on my iPhone but now they are calling from different extensions or blocking the number.

27, Apr. 2014

Ashley from Academic Services called my number 3 times every 30 minutes then again an hour later and finally 2 hours after that. Even after using option 1 to be removed from the list, they called again. One time I answered and asked why she keeps calling and hanging up? Click...she hung up again. How'd she got my number is beyond me when I'm on the do not call list? Yup real piece of work these idiots are.

6, May. 2014

They called 3x yesterday and 4x today. Starting with the third call yesterday, I told them no, they may no speak with the person they called for. Today I told them that the first 3x. The 4th time I told her I had told the 5 previous callers to stop calling and if they didn't stop I would file a complaint with the police.

6, May. 2014

She called me today and wanted that I confirmed personal information regarding a job application. They needed it to proceed. I didn't gave them any info. Double checked the number and found this site.

8, May. 2014

calls & calls & calls....won't take no for an answer

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