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15, Feb. 2018

this company is not screening there calls agaisnt the national do not call list.

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8, Jan. 2018

They call at least every other day for the past 2 months.

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3, Jan. 2018

BIG TIME SCAMMERS!!!!! Literally,  a 14 second phone call!  HEADS UP.....  Male caller.  He used my first name.  And, I've only ever used (For years!) my first initial on the internet! First sentence he identified himself as some type of "? Gifting Service".  I didn't catch the first part, the name of the gifting service.  Second sentence, without a breath in between, he changed it up.  He now said he was with "? Senior Services".  Again, I didn't catch the name of the senior services.  I said "I'm sorry but....", and he hung up before I could say any more than that! AND..... When I called back the number.....  (Which I did a couple of times to see what I would get.) I got voice mail identify themselves as "Customer Service", with NO COMPANY NAME!  I was then given the option of pressing #1 to talk to a representative, or #2 to place my number on their "Internal Do Not Call List".  If you press #1 to talk to a representative, you will get another recording advising you that all of their representatives are busy.  But, you can email them at "Customer Service". I didn't bother with calling again, to try option #2, to place my number on their "Internal Do Not Call List". BEWARE!!!!!

Simply Health
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26, Apr. 2017

They stated that they had over 40 brokers and are an insurance company out of Houston, my ID stated it as Beaumont, and was told by them, that their name was "Simply Health". When I tried to get a building address, they hung up, Would like to sue them.

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17, Apr. 2015

Now they use a tape recorded message and send it from several phone numbers each week, the SAME recorded message.