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1, Apr. 2018

I do NOT know anyone in area code 314.

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20, Mar. 2018

Hi, Could you'll please delete these comments. I have not been harassed or inconvenienced in any way by the owner of this number. I just wanted some information for personal reasons. Thank you.

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11, Oct. 2017

Call many times per day.

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5, Jan. 2017

Shut them down, please.

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5, Jul. 2016

I want these calls to stop ASAP!

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16, Jun. 2016

Claims to be from the "IRS Dept." an arrest warrant has been issued for you and you must call back immediately. Obviously a scammer!

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13, Jun. 2016

They call every couple of minutes for about 5 times. Annoying!!

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12, May. 2016

Say they are with the IRS and if you do not pay an arrest warrant will be placed on you. SCAM SCAM

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29, Apr. 2016

What will it take to get these telemarketers to stop calling my cell.

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27, Apr. 2016

Voice mail said IRS and to call back immediately.

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23, Mar. 2016

did not know caller ID, let call go to message system, caller disconnected without leaving a message.

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20, Jan. 2016

These people call about everyday from several different numbers.

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26, May. 2015

Another scammer trying to fraudulently obtain information and money

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10, Mar. 2015

This number contacted my cell phone and did not leave a message.

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28, May. 2014

According to "Switchboard" this call was generated by Cox and/or Comcast cable marketers.

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14, Apr. 2014

They call my number sometimes. I have follow the direct to take my number off the list. Please help this has got to stop.

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7, Jan. 2014

Caller ID showed DHC. The man introduced himself as Doug Martin. He said he sent me information about my credit cards, well, I have none.

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15, Nov. 2013

This # called me 6 times this afternoon and evening (it's 6:57 pm est) when I answer just hear some clicks but no person or recording. this is beginning to get really aggravating! Telemarketers are bad enough, but these "nothing" calls are even worse! Have been on the "do not call" list since it began! Doesn't stop telemarketers or these type of calls.

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22, Oct. 2013

This is the second call today with a recorded message. They called from a different number earlier today.

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9, Jul. 2013

This is the third call. I previously asked them not to call again.

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11, Apr. 2013

This is the second time I asked to be removed from this company's list. When I tell them to remove me, they simply hang up on me without verification.

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22, Mar. 2013

What good does being on the do not call list when it doesn't seem to stop the calls? What good is "Do Not Call" if the calls keep coming in?

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10, Jan. 2013

I've not done business with them, and have asked them to stop calling to no avail.

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4, Dec. 2012

Been calling me every morning, sometimes twice. I have never answered

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27, Sep. 2012

I too have been receiving several calls a day from this number finially I had enough so I looked up the number online. After read everyone comments on this site I decided to call the number back. An automated message answered the phone and explains how the remove your number from their list.

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5, May. 2012

When we call the number back, we reach a recording saying this number has been disconnected. For a disconnected number, it's amazing how they keep calling back.

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30, Nov. 2011

automated caller saying I'm eligible to win a free Walmart gift card worth 100$. What's not stated is that these people will sign you up to a loyalty program which charges you 3$ per month to be in it. So the card is never free Don't know if you ever get anything FREE from an unsolicited phone call

pissed off guy
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19, Oct. 2011

can anybody tell me how to get to this scumbags so i could wring their necks!?!