Area Code 407

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Area code: 407
State: Florida
Country: USA
8, Dec. 2016

This is a robo call with a special trick at the beginning of a lady apologizing for not having a headset on. THis is second time I have received this call. It is a solicitor and I am on the "Do not call list".

8, Dec. 2016

Ive answered the call once to tell them to quit and it was a robo call.

8, Dec. 2016

Have looked this number up on Google and as far as I can determine it is a robo call for a political survey.

Ella Murray
7, Dec. 2016

To be honest, I have reported this number, and many other numbers to FCC and/or FBI, but they keep calling me until today! It seemed like authority put a little effort to stop these scammers. That was disappointing! I just blocked those numbers now. It's easier than waiting for authority to track them down.

7, Dec. 2016

I asked how they got my number and they hung up.

6, Dec. 2016

These individuals are known as “VOUCHER SCAMMERS” (Voucher Scam!).

3, Dec. 2016

We hang up but at times when we pick phone up to hang up you can tell it is a robot call because the number that is calling hangs up.

1, Dec. 2016

I am a 92 year old lady with two prosthetic hips.

1, Dec. 2016

this # also called on 10/28/2015 at 8:12 P.M.

30, Nov. 2016

I asked on the third call to remove us from their list that they were calling a number registered on the Do Not Call List.

29, Nov. 2016

Please make all of these and a multitude of other unwanted robocalls stop!

29, Nov. 2016

this was a robocall in Spanish

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