Phone: 407-621-2545

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Winter Park, Florida
Its exchange 621 is managed by EMBARQ FLORIDA, INC.
The number is currently on switch number WNPKFLXAPS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 33% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 21 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "don't know, Victoria"
26, Jun. 2013

I live in Canada, and this guys asking me to come to Disney Land and s**t. That's f'd up yo.

26, Jun. 2013

Ad call. Boring.

26, Jun. 2013

They keep calling, I live in Canada, PLEASE stop!!!!

3, Jul. 2013

Recorded Message for Disney Land ... Stupid yankie ...:-(

16, Jul. 2013

STOP!.. I live in Canada, and you called IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT !.. Stop this it's very annoying..

18, Jul. 2013

Too many calls from this number, and I on a DNC list. Am now keeping my own list.

19, Jul. 2013


23, Jul. 2013

I leave outside of USA still get calls from this number, very annoying.

24, Jul. 2013

f*****g a******s

13, Aug. 2013

je ne connais personne en Floride, n'y ai jamais mis les pieds et ne parle pas anglais. Mais je reçois des appels en pleine nuit! c'est vraiment TRÈS dérangeant!

15, Aug. 2013

J'ai reçu un appel pour une réclamation, d'ou vient cet appel
21, Aug. 2013

Hi young women of Montreal There is a handsome technician in communication (the one who installs your new telephone line at home). He is ~6 foot tall. He is a rapist and a serial killer. His mother is French Canadian and his father is Greek. If you receive calls without any speaking (or with a false indian accent), be careful, you are his next victim. The day, he will ring at your door, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR. Do not use your phone; you will not have the line because he might disconnect it. Use your cell. maman-lise P.S. Those calls have nothing to do with your credit or telemarketing. He stands in communications room, connects his phone and uses the line 407-621-2545 or others lines in Montreal, one in Toronto or one in Florida.

Fed up
7, Sep. 2013

407-621-2545 This is a 'fake' number, - hence you cannot block it with Call Blocking. Such sleazy 'workaround' scams ought to be illegal. Whatever the REAL line number to this group/person, there is no way to know so as to prevent them from pestering you. So let's hear it for Caller ID! All you can do is not bother to pick up.

18, Sep. 2013

I got a call from this number on sept 17 2013. The man on the other end sounded Middle Eastern. I did not understand who he was asking for but I said you have the wrong number and he said sorry and hung up. This is unusual to me because the call came from florida and I got another call from florida from another number on the same day 239-205-4843. I don't get many calls from the US. We are in BC

18, Sep. 2013

I am in BC, Canada Just got a call from this # but they hung up after 1 ring. I have call display, and if I don't recognize the # I don't answer. If they want they can leave a message, and if its somebody I want to reply to, then I will otherwise I hit 7 and delete.

28, Sep. 2013

Every time I get a call from a # I don't recognize, I cruse all the forums to determine who called. 95% of the calls are scams and the others are cell phones (some legit). I get a lot of calls as I have a business at home. I get many calls a week between the business and home phone, not to mention all the junk faxes. I too have had my numbers on the DNCList since it's inception. What gets me when I read all these different forums, is how many people ask how to stop it, and the only good answer so far is the Panasonic (phone block). I have 2 sets, one for each phone line. They block 30 numbers and I had those filled in the first month! So phone block works but 30 numbers is not enough. I wonder why Panasonic (or others) don't allow for a lot more? I am always searching the net for blocking devices. There are a few, but in Canada they cost $100.00 or more (for a good one). If paying that is worth it to stop this garbage, then get one. I would need 2 - one for each phone line. Then last week I found the site - and got excited. You need a computer that you can leave running all the time, but for me, thats OK - I have one that runs all the time. But even if I didn't, I would buy a used one on line for $75.00 and dedicate it as part of my "Kill the scammers program" because nobody else is stepping up to stop this for us. Once you have the old computer, get the software and the Modem package from PhoneTray ($80.00) and install it on your phone line and block 1200 calls including complete area codes and more. Well this sounds wonderful and in a week I will be getting mine in the mail and can't wait to try it. If it works well, the software can handle 2 phone lines so I will get the second modem for $25.00 for my other line and that's it for the scummy scammers. I've invested in a lot of things in my life. Most were good but some were not. I think that this is a small investment to take back that part of my life that these jerks have picked away at. Don't wait for the phone companys to do anything - they are making money off these guys - and the government and their DNCList, like always, is just lipstick on a pig. If there is any interest, I will let you know in a couple of weeks if this new investment is worth it.

19, Oct. 2013

Please get these people to stop calling me.

23, Oct. 2013

This number call me, but I never have been relative with this phone number.

24, Oct. 2013

Two rings and nothing.

25, Oct. 2013

- Claimed that I was personally chosen. - Name of Company Caller\'s company \"USA Vacation Station\" Product: Buy one Vacation PKG; Get one free. - Four People: Part 1 of trip= choice of Disney Orlando OR Universal Studios OR Sea world @ 4days/3nights. - Part 2 of Trip= Daytona OR Miami for 3Days/2nights - Part 3 of Trip= 5 Days/4 nights for two on Island. Third part can be redeemed at another time. $6349.00 vue for $598.00 Her Voice was very sincere and was truly convincing ?????

29, Oct. 2013

Did not pick up phone.

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