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21, Feb. 2018

The calls are trying to sell credit card processors.

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11, Jan. 2018

This IS ILLEGAL activity by scumbags who ignore the LAW.

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16, Oct. 2017

Person called for someone. Told him he had wrong number. He said "Don't you know your own name?" Hung up on his rudeness

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20, Apr. 2017

Caller ID says GMI with 407-205-0260 under it.

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16, Feb. 2017

Don't understand why I turn all these numbers and places in, and I still get the calls!

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27, Jan. 2017

Told me to press 1 for more info, 5 to be removed from list.

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20, Jan. 2017

I got the same numbers claiming to be Obamacare coverage. When they asked for my social I requested verification and they gave me the 407-205-1465 as a customer service number. Law enforcement should be notified since a 540 VA area code was used. Va Code makes it a felony to impersonate a government official.

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28, Nov. 2016

other dates include 10/26 2pm

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7, Nov. 2016

Political calls, I can understand that election season will always get calls like this... just block the number if you don't like it!

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7, Sep. 2016

They have called 6 times even after telling them that I work night shift and I want taken off of the calling list.

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8, Jun. 2016

does not leave4 a message

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13, May. 2016

Left no message.

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21, Feb. 2016

I have begged them to remove my name.don't pay interest.

Ellen M. Salter
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7, Jan. 2016

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28, Oct. 2015

However you cannot communicate to anyone in any other way.

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8, Oct. 2015

Rec'd 2 call from this number within 13 min. Unknown to me so I did not answer and no msg was left

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3, Aug. 2015 lists this number as "heavy spam

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1, Jul. 2015

I get repeated calls from numbers in the 407-205-**** range. They never leave a message and I'm tired of picking up and having dead air on the other end. Sadly since I don't have a smart phone I can't block them.

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28, Jun. 2015

Recording for seniors trying to sell an alert system

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8, Jun. 2015

I have asked REPEATEDLY to be taken off of their lists, and have even written the president of their company.

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14, Apr. 2015

In addition, he has come to my house to solicit.

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30, Oct. 2014

Caller didn't speak. Another web site with complaints on this call, one person said their caller ID showed call coming from OCC Phillipines

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11, Oct. 2014

Text message: "A Yahoo! user has sent you a message. Reply to that SMS to respond. Reply INFO to this SMS for help or go to y,"

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6, Oct. 2014

Answered the call but the line was dead. another marketer.

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30, Sep. 2014

Called my house 3x's today and nobody on the line.

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27, Sep. 2014

This sounds like a SCAM call. Lots of people getting calls from this number. Caller says different things to different householders: free energy audit, electric bill is not paid, insurance, auto warranty, you have zero credit, etc. Don't pick up the phone. Be careful with phone number 305-442-8770 as well.

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22, Sep. 2014

they hang up on me when i answer.

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27, Aug. 2014

Dd not answer call which came around 5:53pm Wed 27 Aug 2014.

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25, Aug. 2014

Calls constantly. I never pickup. Must be a telemarketer or the like.

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21, Aug. 2014

This number calls multiple times a day and always hangs up on the voicemail.

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21, Aug. 2014

This is to my cell phone which costs me money each time I get a junk call.

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26, Jul. 2014

This number is no publish and no list and I have told them many times to stop calling.

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23, Jul. 2014

Today is the 2nd time I have pressed 9 to be removed. Each time I do this I just get cut off.

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16, Jul. 2014

they have called 17 times in two days i keep telling them not to call but it does no good!

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15, Jul. 2014

Will even change numbers to 407 476 5658 if you block this number. They are relentless. They instantly hang up on you if you try to tell them to stop calling. I would love any advice on how to report them. Complete scum.

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10, Jul. 2014

This was a pre recorded call. When the recording finished, the line dropped. They provided a number to call for more information but there was no option to speak to a live person.

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4, Jul. 2014

Unsolicited text message.

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2, Jul. 2014

(grand voy#age now, you achie ved 2 tickets) That is the message I got from an unlisted number. They expect us to reply to so many mistakes

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27, Jun. 2014

Text saying I won a trip, call for more details.

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25, Jun. 2014

They stated that they had fill ship for Bahamas Cruise (giving away vacation for 2)

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16, Jun. 2014

This is the same Bull Crap again from the same company as calls from other numbers. They completely ignore this Do not call list!!!!!!!!!!

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12, Jun. 2014

Got a text asking to call this number for my 2 Bahamas tickets!!! oooo wow NOT

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7, Jun. 2014

This started as a recording. It was not a company I do business with. I pushed 9 for an operator & told him to remove me from the calling list. He said he can't. I called the number back and a recording said that number cannot be reached.

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11, May. 2014

this time I answered, there was no one on the other end.

Scooby, Scoobedy Doo!
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15, Apr. 2014

The Caller ID came up as "Future Insight". Didn't leave a message.

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29, Mar. 2014

This # has shown up many times on ID over the past week. Today I picked up on the 2nd call (1st call this a.m.-- ignored). I didn't say anything; I set the phone down nearby where I could hear a man saying "Hello?" 3X over 20-ish seconds. Then I hung up. I figure if they're going to waste my time, I get to waste theirs, too. It took awhile before he spoke at all. I read elsewhere this is a "charity" call to donate to some firefighter org... ??

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28, Mar. 2014

called my cell phone several times, even though my cell number is did they get my number? when i tried to call this number back they tell me it is out of service. why does this keep happening, and what can be done?

Bob Vious
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26, Mar. 2014

yay! I won a cruise. All they needed was my address to send the tickets and bank transfer information to send free money to spend on the cruise! See you all in the Careabeun.

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21, Mar. 2014

TIME WARNER COMMUNICATIONS step up and take responsibility and shut these people down. You are getting a bad reputation by allowing these harassing people to use your system.

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7, Feb. 2014

Hey justin Vall no answer

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4, Feb. 2014

Called while I was on other line. I didn't answer and they didn't leave message. 2/4/14 @ 10:47AM Central time zone.

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28, Jan. 2014

When I asked questions they became rude and then hang up. I believe the call is a scam.