Area Code 406

Additional information:

Area code: 406
State: Montana
Country: USA
24, Apr. 2018

I didn't answer this phone call, because the caller didn't stay on long enough, and I had a distraction before I could answer but my phone recorded above info.

23, Apr. 2018

We hang up the phone immediately.

23, Apr. 2018

I declined and the call terminated itself.

17, Apr. 2018

Same company with these phone numbers 3816921965 5584537874 3967480267 2779489757 7898294818 3595455919

17, Apr. 2018


16, Apr. 2018

then a squeal and goodby.

14, Apr. 2018

The map shows this number not too far from the university in Montana. Possibly a student or students getting in on the scams. If so, may they fail all of their classes. I have had the 406 area code blocked for some time now, owing it all to 100% of the calls I've received from Montana being scammers.

12, Apr. 2018

Would not hang up stayed on line after I informed I was on do not call and to place on their do not call list.

12, Apr. 2018

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

9, Apr. 2018

When I told the guy that I was on the Do Not Call list, he said, "What does that do?" and hung up on me.

7, Apr. 2018

will not stop calling called me 5 times on one number and one time on another.

6, Apr. 2018

It is a scam, so much product for free, but it must put you in a contract.

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