Area Code 406

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Area code: 406
State: Montana
Country: USA
21, Nov. 2017

If they called YOU this much, YOU would do soemthing about it.

21, Nov. 2017

The calling number listed is yet another number that they use in order to get a pick up.

21, Nov. 2017

When I say I am on do not call list they hang up.

20, Nov. 2017

The idiot that called today got my answering machine and just started talking as if it had been answered. Then said hello, hello about 10 times! They call my house at least 2-3 times a month for the past 3 years!! I am so sick of it, some times I goof around with them and ask them which computer of mine has the virius and tell him I have 10 computers in the house. Just put the phone down and tell him I am checking them. Eventually he hangs up. Lol!!

20, Nov. 2017

They keep calling and hanging up and don't leave a message.

18, Nov. 2017

They call me at least once a week.

17, Nov. 2017

Asked to have my number removed and was promptly hung up on.

doesn't matter
17, Nov. 2017

This phone number 406-206-1967 likes to call over and over, say nothing, and hang up. caller please stop calling #'s and say nothing, especially businesses it's a huge waste of time. It's more of a huge waste of time for me since I'm the lucky one who keeps answering the calls with no reply on the other end.

16, Nov. 2017

Received a call from this number today. No one one other end. Called back, phone answers and no one is there. Very odd.

16, Nov. 2017

Could you please help me stop this person or persons from calling me ever again.

15, Nov. 2017

Chalked me twice didn't leave a message.

15, Nov. 2017

They told me they were based in Orlando.

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