Area Code 405

Additional information:

Area code: 405
State: Oklahoma
Country: USA
27, Jun. 2017

Who is this

26, Jun. 2017

Recording with a woman's voice with English/Irish accent says: HI I'M GLAD YOU ANSWERED, I'LL GET YOU OVER TO AN AGENT RIGHT AWAY. Then they hang up. They try calling every day between noon and 1pm.

26, Jun. 2017

I used ur site to try to get the name 0f this caller but all I got was this comment section which is u asking me for the same info, NOT VERY HELPFUL TO ME!!!

24, Jun. 2017

Did not answer, let it go to voicemail. No message left for me.

IM. Ann-Oyed
24, Jun. 2017

405-492-7040 called on 6/19 @ 8:34am PST & 6/20 @ 10:07am, each time hanging up after a third ring. Is this the East Indian (?) male posing as an agent of the IRS with threats---back again, but with a "new" ID & phone #?

21, Jun. 2017

No phone call... I noticed a BLANK message at the very bottom of my message log and when I clicked to open and read the conversation there was NO CONVERSATION... AND I was given the option to "STOP SHARING LOCATION". I'm a bit OCD about location being shut off AT ALL COSTS so I then I tried to respond to the message and got hit with an auto reply stating that it was an invalid number and it listed this number but with no "405"

16, Jun. 2017

We're a non-profit, and without introducing himself he immediately started telling me that we were forcing all the organizations we work with out of business because they don't understand that people want to watch YouTube videos outside, and the only reason people buy phones is to watch videos. When I asked him to stop yelling at me he yelled that he wasn't yelling and if I was bothered I should hold the phone away from my ear. He then told me, "You're an administrator and I'm an innovator and you can hang with that, so just hang up!" So I did.

15, Jun. 2017

I have not answered, but they are calling every 5 min

14, Jun. 2017

Trade magazines. Calls every day.

General Office
13, Jun. 2017

Just received a call from this person and he was rude and mean and talked non-stop about You Tube and Billboards and how he invented and tracked smart phones. I googled him and this page came up...Apparently he has been doing this for a very long time.

12, Jun. 2017

Continually calls, won't leave message.

7, Jun. 2017

I have had numerous calls from Oklahoma over the last 3 weeks or so. Always a 405 area code and never leave a message.. Doesn't seem to matter how many numbers I block from that area code, another number from a different city calls again.

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