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  • Regional statistics: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma has a population of 532950 that is in a county of 266834 units. The city is in a county that is 709 square miles. 405-562 is available through the regional telephone switch # OKCZOKZCDS0 in the Oklahoma City area.
  • Other cities located around Oklahoma City: Perkins (405-547) Colony (405-545) Stillwater (405-564) Prague (405-566)
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24, Apr. 2017

They have been calling me with different numbers.

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25, Mar. 2017

No answer on the other end when I answered after two rings

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10, Mar. 2017

Does it mean this caller is a scammer? thank you anyway for sharing your comment here, it really helped me a lot.

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14, Oct. 2016

I have received three calls in the last three days.

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6, Oct. 2016

I do not answer their calls.

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31, Jan. 2016

Person who called asked for my deceased husband.

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31, Dec. 2015

When I call the number back, I get another recording telling me they are receiving a lot of calls and to call back later.

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10, Aug. 2015

Received a call on August 10, 2015 at 5:55 p.m. CST. I could not understand the man when he said his name. Very bad broken English. He said that he was confirming my order for some kind of cream. I NEVER ordered any kind of cream. I am contacting my bank in the morning.

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13, May. 2015

Called both my and my wife's phone, either hung up or started a recorded message. Calls about 3 times a week.

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31, May. 2014

I asked them never to call me again.

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30, May. 2014

they call daily about buying from them!

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25, Oct. 2013

This number has called me several times yesterday. I have tried answering and the individual cannot speak english and ultimately hangs up on me before I can ask them not to call again.

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5, Oct. 2013

Abusive will not stop calling, have my cell phone wanting money or going to have me arrested,

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7, Jun. 2013

This person call and ask for someone I don't know and then hung up.

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28, Feb. 2013

this company has continually called my home number and now is calling my cell. I registered my home number along with my cell number for the second time and they continue to call.

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25, Jan. 2013

They call during the day and sometimes at night. The message is a beep and it hangs up.

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31, Dec. 2012

They called and say my computer and needs to be fixed immediately. I received calls multiple times. They won't quit calling. It is a total scam to get personal information.

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11, Nov. 2012

I also received a text from this number as well... So I texted back and got no response. I then called the number an it said it was a text plus user.... hmmmm...

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23, Jul. 2012

they call almost daily and often from different phone numbers. Been calling for months.

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9, May. 2012

Have a feeling it is a sales call or collection call.