Area Code 404

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Area code: 404
State: Georgia
Country: USA
20, Jul. 2017

Called twice this morning. Left no msg..

20, Jul. 2017

DO NOT talk to them if the debt is outside SOL (statute of limitations). Date will depend on your state. Usually anywhere from 3-7 years. Again depends on your state. Google SOL for whatever debt you have in your state. Admit the debt to them or start paying and SOL starts over.

19, Jul. 2017

Two different people called two days in a row and asked for two different people. When I told them they had wrong number they asked if i wanted to donate money. The second day i asked them about why they kept calling asking for different people and then asking me for money. Of course they hung up.

18, Jul. 2017

hello - can you heaer me? DO NOT ANSWER

18, Jul. 2017

They called and then hung up and didn't leave a message.

16, Jul. 2017

Just got this FB message too. I thought so too it was scam. Thanks for your inputs. I'll just delete it.

13, Jul. 2017

i called back , got busy signal.

12, Jul. 2017

I have heard that this number is a bogus number. Delete and block.

9, Jul. 2017

This is a company that offers a free home security system.

8, Jul. 2017

Could you please require these idiots to have caller ID on ALL 800 numbers - no hidden caller tricks

5, Jul. 2017

Called, Caller ID said it was spam, answered but stayed quiet. Soon after 2 seconds of silence, they hung up

3, Jul. 2017

This number called me three times back to back and never left a message. I'm not into answering calls from numbers I don't know. I figured if something is so important for them to call back to back then they should leave a message.

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