Phone: 404-994-2810

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Atlanta, Georgia (994) exchange.
Around 42% of people reported it as "Collection Agency"
There has been a total of 50 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "CMR, Kimberly Marshal"
2, Jul. 2012

harrassing me for months,threatening calls;used to be blake mosely;noiw william or walter

6, Sep. 2012

Collection Agency- Critical Resolution-called for a debt that turned out to be online fraud, someone took out a cash advance under my name from some online quick cash company.

28, Nov. 2012

this man called me at my place of employment about some sort of debt I don\'t even know anything about and threatened to call and speak to my supervisor as well has having a local police officer come to my place of employment and have me arrested. They have been calling for months and telling me each time is the last time they will call me and then they call again several times a day. This place is definitely in need of a harrasment lawsuit

15, Jan. 2013

I was called and it was telling me there was a complaint about me!. I called the number back and was very rudely told that if I do not give my information they cannot provide me information and they disconnected on me!

17, Jan. 2013

I was called several times with threats that a complaint was ready to be filed against me. For what they did not say. That the matter was time sensitive and they needed me to call asap to make a voluntary statement and confirm my s.s# and address. I called the number that day no answer. I have called 4 other times since just to have someone get very rude and not answer any of my questions about the so called complaint. The last time I was hung up on. They have now also called my employer giving them the same info they left me. Unbelievable freely giving out my info but none of the info I requested about the complaint and the company filing it.

7, Feb. 2013

I have received numerous threatening voice messages from this company threatening if I dod not return call at the end of business same day, they would have no other choice but to pursue other means of collecting funds. They would disclose false information on these messages. When I call back, they threaten me with suit, they do not give me a mini miranda or a call recording disclosure which, under the FDCPA, they are required to. Even when speaking with "the manager", he also threatens me with suit. And when informing him and his other agents of their unlawful collection efforts, they all hang up on me.

7, Feb. 2013

Rude, threatening to come to my work,

21, Feb. 2013

I have receive phone calls from this company and I know the company because I had an representative from this company dealing with debt but every time she was the office they will call my phone threatening and crussing so my kids what here and harrasing me asking personal questions about where I live who I live with and what\'s my income and just plain not working with me I tell them I am par time employee who is not guaranteed hours so I can only send what I can afford they already know Iwas going through financial hardship to where I can barely pay my rent so they are harassing me I want to pay my debt off but I can only send what I can afford so now they trying to put an suit against me to collect the funds something needs to be done

22, Feb. 2013

i've had a very similar experience. someone took out a payday advance under my name. i called them back because they had my parents information somehow. i asked what this was concerning and could i have more information. the guy threatened that i would be arrested and said i better not drive tomorrow and hung up. i call back to speak to the operator and he is very nice, but it sounds like the SAME GUY. he transfers me back to this guy (still the same voice) and i ask again what this is concerning and where they got my personal info and he hangs up after threatening me!

6, Mar. 2013

Critical Resolution Mediation-This was the most violent, loud, disrespectful, harrassing message (two back-to-back) I can ever remember recieving. This guy knew a lot of personal information about me and threatened to take it away. My 16 year old daughter picked up the message and very frightened by the call, she called me while I was at work.

5, Apr. 2013

Left a message saying there is a case under my SS# which is a red flag do to fraud. If he don't hear back from me. He will take serious action and said good luck to me. Don't know anything. Very rude!!

5, Apr. 2013

Called my ex sister inlaw (Don't know how they got her number) I haven't seen her in years. LEft a message to get a hold of me in regards SS# identity legal issue. They can't do that. Why are they harrassing ex family members!!

8, Apr. 2013

Said there is a law suit ready tofor be filed against me. When I called back he said he could help me but only if I pay it in full now. I called the company he said was suing me and they said it wad fraud they never use law suites they only use collection agencies. So if they threaten a law suit know it is fraud.

26, Apr. 2013

mr west has harrassed me, made threats, told me not to drive my car because they are going to come and take it. take me to jail tonight!!!!! he is rude, nasty and way beyond his limits!

15, May. 2013

Calling my cell stating my ssn has been attached to a case of some sort and I'd better contact my lawyer.

Belinda Parks
12, Jun. 2013

I took a loan from Interity payday loan.I ran into financial hardship. I have every intention to pay this money back. I receive several calls from different number regarding this matter. Mr. West & Mr Johnson were very rude & not professional. They will hang up when they didn't hear the right answer. I don't need to be harrass. I just want to settle my debt. They indicated they send me a document which is a lie. I ask them to send me another document, they refuse. I wish someone take over this account so it can be paid in a professional manner.

14, Jun. 2013

I received a call on June 10th stating that my sister had some serious charges against her and to call them back right away. I called when I got home from work and they said that she was accused of taking a check & go type of loan with the intention of never paying it back thus saying that she was going to be prosecuted if they don't receive a payment. They then called my cell phone on Wednesday June 12th and stating that since my sister used me as a reference they were going to add my name and my moms name to the complaint and we were going to be charged as well. They then accused me of hiding my sister out when I know that she had already spoke to them the day before. I was so frustrated by their verbal accusations and threats of prosecution that I went straight to my local police department and spoke to an officer. He said that I'm not liable (I didn't sign anything), confirmed that I didn't give them any money, and said places like these try and use intimidation to try and get people afraid enough to do what they say. Shame on people who try to use intimidation and threats, especially since that it's illegal to what they're doing anyway!!

14, Jun. 2013

Mr. West called me on my cell phone today. He left a message. The message state there is a civil complaint about me. He had my social and phone number on the message. My wife returned the phone call. Mr. West didn't even ask about what case it pertained to in the phone call. My wife laid into him, and he hung up the phone. This company is FRAUD!!!! What they are doing is against the law and they know it....

Oklahoma Redneck
5, Jul. 2013

they left a rude, lying message on my phone. They are just out to get as much info as they can so they can steal your identy. If they call back let them know you know where they are located and can find them as easy as they found you. Hang up and ignore the calls. They will get tired and call someone else. Don't let them bully you.

12, Aug. 2013

Really sick of this Work 2 days a week at a minimum wage job and these people just got me written up! HAVE NO IDEA what its about but not about to succumb to their threats.....why has no one done anything about these people if they're doing this to so many people. TELL ME WHO TO CALL AND FILE A FORMAL COMPLAINT BECAUSE I WILL!!!! IF THEY CAUSE ME TO LOSE MY PART TIME MINIMUM WAGE JOB I AM GONNA CONTACT AN ATTORNEY OR SOMEBODY!!!!!

info guy
21, Aug. 2013

The fix it to this is to tell the person calling that if they contact you again that you will call the police and file a charge of harrassment and disturbibng your peace, both of which are punishable by fine AND jail. You can actually call the police and file a charge of harrasment and disturbing your peace. ***First ask what area he is calling from, that way you know what police department to go and file you charge of harrassment and disturnbing your peace

Billie from CA
4, Nov. 2013

This person called my mother & left her a message with his name, # & ext; plus a case number. When I returned the phone call he didn't seem to know who I was after I gave him my name, my mother's #, my cell # & case #. He said their computers were down & he'd call me back. Finding that to b quite odd I googled the company name "critical resolution mediation" that was recorded info given to me when I called. And I c from all the posts they r scammers! Don't want to hear back from them at all!!

9, Dec. 2013

This company has called once before. They are asking for someone who does not live at my address. I told them to take my number off their list. They said someone had left my number as a contact number for a debt they had not paid. Then a couple weeks later another voicemail saying someone had given my SS# on a debt that had not been paid and a claim had been filed against me. I tried to call back and (of course) no once answered. It is the same voice from the previous message.

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