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  • Regional statistics: Atlanta, Georgia has a population of 422908 that is in a county of 321242 units. The city is in a county that is 529 square miles. 404-592 is available through the regional telephone switch # ATLNGAQSDS4 in the Atlanta area.
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29, Jul. 2015 Reply

they constantly call my number but I don't answer , Who are these people at this number??

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19, Feb. 2015 Reply

Now this company is spoofing numbers, because it's always been an 800 number.

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23, May. 2014 Reply

This is the second robo call in 2 days. When I pressed "1" to tell we are on the Do Not Call List ....and get their information...I just got a busy tone.

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22, May. 2014 Reply

Sorry-I made a mistake on the phone number. Instead of the 713 area code listed above, it should be 4045921382, the number that the offensive caller, Stacey, told me to call her back on.

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5, Dec. 2013 Reply

they called but I didn\'t pick up the phone

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21, Oct. 2013 Reply

they call several times a day after being asked not to call.

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24, Sep. 2013 Reply

This number calls several times a day. They never say anything and when I try to call back, it says the number is out of order. STOP CALLING MY BUSINESS!!!!

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9, Sep. 2013 Reply

Called, left message but didn't state who the company was.

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9, May. 2013 Reply

This was an automated call to my personal cell phone. I couldn't talk to anyone. When I tried to call it back I never was connected to anyone.

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24, Apr. 2013 Reply

They call every week. Getting really annoying. Must likely they are trying to scam me.

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5, Dec. 2012 Reply

Sprint wanting you to pay your bill

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9, Jul. 2012 Reply

They call frequently, although we've asked them to stop. Sometimes a person's on the phone, other times nothing but a buzz.