Phone: 404-334-7492

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28, Jan. 2014

The message states I am being investigated. For what I have no idea. Then she leaves a completely different phone number to call her back on. 855-798-1893 extension 302. No idea what this could be about but glad to know that the number 404-334-7492 is reported above.

28, Jan. 2014

I called this phone number back and was advised that this is a company called HIGHLAND FINANCIAL out of Atlanta, Georgia. So why did the caller who left me a disturbing message not identify herself as a representative from this company and proceed to leave a completely different phone number to return her call (855-798-1893 extension 302. SO SICK OF THESE SCAMMERS calling my business phone!!!!!!

1, Feb. 2014

Have received a call...1st one the woman sounded like she would rather have been doing ANYTHING other than that phone call. As soon as she said she was calling about an outstanding loan, I disconnected the call. I KNOW who I owe money to and I have NO reason to receive ANY calls like that!!! The 2nd call from this number was an automated message stating that a complaint has been filed against my SSN and that it's imperative that I contact them immediately. Again...I know who my debtors are and I have NOTHING late, NOTHING unpaid or outstanding. I hate predatory people...get a flipping REAL job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3, Feb. 2014

404-542-8343 What should I do this is a scam

11, Feb. 2014

I continue to get calls from (404) 334-7492. It's usually a pre-recorded message stating that..."a complaint has been filed with their office against me involving my SSN." There is information on Craigslist (Post ID # 4287599438) that gives the following as the address for these "people" : North Lake Mall area, 3575 Habersham at Northlake Bldg. L Suite B (located on the side of the building) Tucker, Ga. 30084. The ad is seeking "payday loan debt collectors". If you have applied for a payday loan in the past, chances are they have bought a list off the payday company. I took out a payday loan some 7 or 8 YEARS ago, which I paid back almost as quickly as I borrowed it. There are quite a few complaints boards online about these people, so hopefully someone in a legal position of authority (FTC, DA's office, somebody!!!) will take action to shut them down.

14, Feb. 2014

I've getting the same call, I've also registered with You have to do it every month or so to keep them off, the re-sell phone numbers very often. Good luck

quit whining
30, Jun. 2014

the company is not a scam. anytime you don't pay your debt you have to answer to someone about it. pay it in the beginning and nobody would have to hunt you down about the money the were kind enough to loan you in the fist place.

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