Area Code 403

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Area code: 403
State: Alberta
Country: Canada
26, Apr. 2018

this number called me twice, claiming to be TD VISA with a promotion as well, told him I wasn't comfortable talking with him and I believe this was a scam - he kept talking but I hung up the phone. I called TD Visa and they confirmed that there is no promotion or reason for someone to be contacting me. Total Scammer.

BC Resident
25, Apr. 2018

Called my do-not-call-in-Canada land-line a few minutes ago, offering to lower my credit-card rate to 4.9% for life. They asked for my MasterCard's expiry-date.. That gave them the 1st 4 digits of my card-number. Given that BMO issued the card, the next 4 numbers are '2300' or '2301'. For "security", they asked for the 3-digit code on the back of the card. Then, they asked for "only the last 8 digits', saying that they did not need my whole card-number. So, if I had answered truthfully, they would have all 16 digits, the expiry-date, and the CVV code. FRAUD!

25, Apr. 2018

Caller wanted to know if someone had hip surgery in our house.

25, Apr. 2018

Persistant to the point of being a royal pain in the ass. The Panasonic phone call block function now takes care of them quite nicely.

24, Apr. 2018

When I informed them they have the wrong number, the individual seemed irritated that I would not provide my name.

24, Apr. 2018

Just called and didn't leave a message, is this yet another scam? Beware.

24, Apr. 2018

This Number calls at leat 4 times daily.

23, Apr. 2018

Each time they call I file a complaint and they call back.

23, Apr. 2018

I told him yesterday that there is not one by that name at our number.

23, Apr. 2018

what do i do to make it stop?

Disturbed woman untrusted with families
23, Apr. 2018

Not stable at all

20, Apr. 2018

Told them before I am not interested.

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