Phone: 403-668-7853

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Calgary, Alberta
Its exchange 668 is managed by GT GROUP TELECOM SERVICES CORP
The number is currently on switch number CLGRAB680MD (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 23% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 17 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "telemarketing company, East Indian"
5, Jul. 2012 Reply

On DNC list. Check it out!!!

27, Jul. 2012 Reply

Don't answer calls from here.

30, Jul. 2012 Reply

Some body called me from this number 3 times today whithout leaving with a message. When I called back, there was a recording each time saying that this number was temporarily out of service. I would suggest not to answer such a call.

21, Aug. 2012 Reply

number, no name, no message. Extremely annoying. Stop calling.

10, Sep. 2012 Reply

It's a windows company, I believe from the US. Some guy with a European accent called and told me he has a sale on windows and doors. Asked when to create an appointment for an esimate. I told him that it was illegal for him to call and if he was aware of the Do Not Call List...and he told me he would remove my number. Loser. Calling back the number, it's temporarily out of service.

14, Sep. 2012 Reply

They are calling me every day. I accidentally picked up one day and it was a woman with a heavy accent who couldn't pronounce my name. That's all I needed to hear. They absolutely KNOW that it's illegal to call. But, you know, they just ignore the laws and any semblance of good manners because they can play the race card with their compatriots in the government.

18, Sep. 2012 Reply

there never anyone on the line when this number calls

22, Sep. 2012 Reply

When the East Indian asked for me by my name (mispronounced), I informed him that "he" passed away last week. He said, "oh"' hesitated, then went back to the script asking if I was the owner of the house. I said I was still grieving and he said, "pardon?" then went silent. There is no script for this. I said goodbye and hung up.

28, Sep. 2012 Reply

keep calling but leaving no message

30, Oct. 2012 Reply

They speak with East Indian accent. They call you several times to find out what time you are not at home. I don't know how they gonna use that info. You can guess....

14, Mar. 2013 Reply

Stupid telemarketing company phoning on behalf of Vinyl Window Pro. All East Indian accents of course.

11, Jun. 2014 Reply

every 45 minutes from 11:15 till i got home at 5:30.

23, Jun. 2014 Reply

called me twice today and don't answer when i say hello. Perhaps they are checking to see if there is anyone home and will keep calling to see when we are out? Seriously, get a life.

4, Jul. 2014 Reply

random person calls about 3-4 times a day, rather annoying, it pisses me off, cps said to log the amount of calls you get for 3 weeks and if it exceeds a certain limit they'll further investigate the situation.

18, Sep. 2014 Reply

The caller should be put to jail ASAP. Kept calling very often, and it's very annoying!

29, Oct. 2014 Reply

Just a hang up........

24, Apr. 2015 Reply

go back to india a*s holes, before you get hurt.

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