Phone: 403-441-6802

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Calgary, Alberta
Its exchange 441 is managed by BELL WEST INC.
The number is currently on switch number CLGRAB423MD (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 22% of people reported it as "Scammer"
There has been a total of 31 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Fax received, Kyle Howell"
17, May. 2013

Outdated (they claim April, and yet we're in the middle of May) SPAM FAXES from 613-236-0076 & 403-441-6802 are as follows : The Mergers and Acquisitions Dept, with offices throughout North America. Telephone 613-236-0076. Your Name here, Your Company Name here, Your Company Address here. Dear Your Name here, It seems that I have been unsuccessful in getting my letters and phone calls past your secretary at Your Business Name here. I wanted to write you again, because we have a buyer located in suburban New York who is making acquisitions in your industry. They are interested in buying all or a substatial portion of Your Company Name here, Your Name Here. We have a great deal of experience in your field. With the challenges in today's economy almost every sophisticated owner is at least investigating his options. Please call me at 403-441-6802. I will give you the specific name of the buyer and a very good indication of the purchase price and terms involved. If appropriate you can be in negotiations in the month of April to sell Your Company Name here, Your Name here. Kindest regards, Michael Peterson, President.

24, Jun. 2013

Same c**p here!

15, Jul. 2013

Spam fax. Multiple times. Fax says: Mergers and Acquisitions Dept. With Offices throughout North America Telephone: (403-441-6802) Ryan Healey Vice President

22, Jul. 2013

Spam Fax. Fax Says: Mergers and Acquisitions Dept. Offices throughout North America and Europe Telephone # 403-441-6802 James Blairfield Vice President

25, Jul. 2013

Spam Fax says: Mergers and Acquisitions Dept. With Offices Throughout North America Telephone: 613-236-0076 Peter Winslow Sr. Vice President

25, Jul. 2013

Buyers interested in buying company from Ohio or Miami. They claim to be unable to get past the secretary! Peter Winslow senior vice president 403-441-6802 claim they appear on Bloomberg TV, Fox TV & CNN

Ray Shaw
11, Aug. 2013

Received a Letter which outlines exactly what you commented: "buyers in Ohio & Miami wanting to buy your business" 403-441-6802. I wonder what happens when a person responds

19, Aug. 2013

Same here only mine says Alex Hamilton Vice President

19, Sep. 2013

Wanting to buy my company. Call at 403.441.6802, from Andrew Ashton, Vice President.

20, Sep. 2013

Received the same note here from Andrew Ashton

26, Sep. 2013

VP Ashton must be busy with his business acquisitions, because he also seems interested in buying our Non Profit, Government funded office as well! This is a joke, fax looks like a middle schooler just learned how to use MS Word, at least it gave our office a laugh!

26, Sep. 2013

We called this number and someone answered "Merger's and Acquisitions Department" We quickly hung up. Hoping to get the name of a company but no such luck.

26, Sep. 2013

Fax scam from the Mergers and Acquisitions department.

28, Sep. 2013


22, Oct. 2013

Sent a call him at the above number as he had two buyers for either all or part of my businesses...Said one was in Ohio and the other in Miami...he was willing to give me their names and how much they were willing to pay...that's a business...will not sell to out of state people anyhow...dealing with shooters and guns...not just anyone will be allowed to purchase my businesses when and if I sell...Did know the name of my business, though...another scam...they couldn't afford my price anyhow.

4, Nov. 2013

Got yet another letter, but the letterhead on this one is "Wall Street Companies", offices in Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, New Mexico, Palm Beach. This time it is signed by a Michael Vetter, Chairman. Still using the same scam phone number 403-441-6802. Very poor grammer and punctuation in the letter, obviously NOT written by an executive as the letter claims.

7, Nov. 2013

Got a letter just as indicated from the prior person making a comment. A buyer in Miami and Ohio, call the number 403-441-6802 to see how much offered, signed by a Kyle Howell, Chairman. Very unprofessional letterhead, with no address, etc., or website to view.

13, Nov. 2013

I called the number from my cell phone and got a recording that the person I was trying to reach was unavailable and to leave a message. Needless to say, I did not.

19, Nov. 2013

Wait ... it get's better. Kyle sent scam fax to former leader gone for 10 years now. Kyle now has two buyers interested in buying Honeywell Int'l Inc - HON current Market Cap almost $70B. I'll call right away.

20, Nov. 2013

Received a garbage letter in the mail with this phone number listed. My favorite line was when he pointed out, "You of course are in NE." I sure was glad they cleared that up for me! Oh yeah, my potential buyers were also in Miami and Ohio. Those must be places just full of buyers!!!

21, Nov. 2013

Got a letter just as indicated from the prior person making a comment. A buyer in Miami and Ohio, call the number 403-441-6802 to see how much offered, signed by a Kyle Howell, Chairman. Very unprofessional letterhead, with no address, etc., or website to view. What a joke....

21, Nov. 2013

Received a fax today that is a carbon copy of the ones stated above. The fax is from a Kyle Howell, chairman. We moved 2 years ago and they list our old address.Funny how Calgary is not listed on the bogus letterhead.

26, Nov. 2013

Thankfully we can vet these things through the web.

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