Phone: 402-988-1128

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Adams, Nebraska
Its exchange 988 is managed by WINDSTREAM NEBRASKA, INC.
The number is currently on switch number ADMSNEXLRS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 43% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 23 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "SSI, SSI"
26, Feb. 2014 Reply

No one on line - sometimes a beep and a hang-up, Might be 'serving

27, Feb. 2014 Reply

i just get the beep. what is in adams nebraska that would do this?

27, Feb. 2014 Reply

Answer the call and all I hear is a beep. Annoying!!! Received several calls this week.

27, Feb. 2014 Reply

same deal. beep then nothing, which concerns me. I have heard of lines being hijacked. maybe check with your phone co. this number sounds like a recently started and will probably move fast.

27, Feb. 2014 Reply

ring ring ring ... 4th time tonight ... Hello? beep ... nothing. STOP CALLING ME JERKS

27, Feb. 2014 Reply

We received nine calls this evening. Caller ID shows SSI

27, Feb. 2014 Reply

just a beep

27, Feb. 2014 Reply I don't know if political, business or charity surveys. But I am not interested.

mr phil
3, Mar. 2014 Reply

many calls no message caller id says ssi

8, Mar. 2014 Reply

Adams NE is a small town. Doubtful anything there would do this. More than likely a spoofed number or some idiot trying to run a scam.

29, Mar. 2014 Reply

Calls all the time. some kind of survey they say. told them I am on don't call list, no one pays attention to that anymore...

30, Apr. 2014 Reply

Calls daily - late afternoon. Answered yesterday - there was a beep, then nothing but, the line was still open. Will not answer anymore. DNC registry is just one more federal scam of a joke. Consumer beware! You have -0- protection!!! Prison time is warranted for these people.

3, May. 2014 Reply

Wanted to ask questions, told them not interested, take me off your call list, and then I hung up on them before they could hang up on me!

16, May. 2014 Reply

caller ID says SSI. Now they are even hacking the government's numbers. Ah, poetic justice!!!

23, May. 2014 Reply

This number has called several times and tonight we answered and a young girl voice came on and then would not talk back to me. we recovered the number and called it back and it was i suppose some type of survey, listened for a minute and hung up.

26, Jun. 2014 Reply

How to opt-out as instructed on SSI Research's website: We appreciate your participation in our research and we value your opinion. But if you do not want to participate in the future, we of course understand and respect your decision. To opt-out, please email us at (please include the phone number in the body of the email.) To opt-out by telephone, please call 1-866-360-9563 from within North America or 1-801-379-4094 outside North America to be placed on our no-contact list. If you would like to speak to someone about the call you received, you may contact us toll-free within North America at 866-360-9678, or call 1-801-379-4094 outside North America.

11, Jul. 2014 Reply

Same as many above, one long beep then nothing. Starting to get annoying.

18, Jul. 2014 Reply

Yep got a missed call from them. Thanks to the others i know better then t even answer it

19, Sep. 2014 Reply

Stop calling all you hear is a beep today I heard some people in the back ground and then silence.

19, Sep. 2014 Reply

Stop calling all you hear is a beep today I heard some people in the back ground and then silence.

19, Sep. 2014 Reply

Same as above, I have reported to FTC due to robocalling and calling past 9pm legal cutoff.

14, Oct. 2014 Reply

Repeat calls
18, Mar. 2015 Reply

I keep getting calls from this number, but when I answer the call, they hang up. Looks like others are getting the same thing. Caller ID shows SSI

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