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16, Jan. 2018

SEVERAL 402 area code numbers Calling Day and Night!! How Can I stop them!!?? They all come to my Landline.

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8, Oct. 2017

Just keep calling back.

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28, Sep. 2016

I have only used one local service garage in the past few years never gave permission for them to sell my info to 3rd party companies.

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6, Apr. 2016

craigslist scammer

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24, Oct. 2015

Costs me money every time.

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12, Oct. 2015

Annoying, bloodsucking leaches.

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5, Oct. 2015

asked them to take my name off their phone list but they haven't!

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3, Apr. 2014

John Stalnaker's office - Omaha politician. Frequently calls in the evenings. Does not leave a message.

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30, Sep. 2013

When I called them back to complain, all I got was a recording. How can they do this?

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29, Mar. 2013

This is the same caller. The second call on my cell phone in the last two days. On each occasion I followed their opt out feature. These calls have been reaching me on a weekly basis.

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28, Dec. 2012

Quick internet search shows they're scammerspretending to call from a PC company re: people's computers.

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30, Oct. 2012

I'd recommend removing/changing your contact information in the voter database if you want to avoid these calls, not much you can do about it if the company keeps calling.

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30, Oct. 2012

My caller id shows calls from this number daily even multiple times daily but they never lease a message. Annoying!

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4, Sep. 2012

They called again. Please do something -- this is getting very old! This is my second complaint on them. They have been calling for months.

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2, Sep. 2012

They actually called me three times. I told them I had filed numerous complaints against them and that they should stop calling. That was just one of the phone numbers they called from. Many are very odd numbers. I keep asking them not to call. Maybe its a language barrier. It's very annoying no matter what.

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14, Aug. 2012

These people call me three times a week. Please have these people stop calling and bothering me.