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Phone: 402-718-8836

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Omaha, Nebraska
Its exchange 718 is managed by ALLTEL COMM. HOLDINGS OF THE M
The number is currently on switch number OMAJNEBMCM3 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 31% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 41 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "MSR GROUP, msr group"
30, Nov. 2012

This number keeps calling me and then hangs up.

4, Jan. 2013

This number keeps calling and hanging up. Happened twice today.

13, Feb. 2013

This number has called me numerous times in the past few weeks. This needs to stop.

26, Feb. 2013

They called twice today, I called back and got recording that it was MSR Group, a national public opinion co.

M Pond
27, Mar. 2013

This number calls several times a week sometimes several times a day,when i answer they hang up....I am so tired of these calls, they need to stop!

3, Apr. 2013

Stated they were MSR Group calling to do a survey and wanted our opinion on the service someone at (our phone number) were given that has an account at a local Rabobank...We never did get to take the survey because the call was dropped by the phone....

30, Apr. 2013

This number calls me numerous times a day, both weekends and week days. There is never anyone on the other line. I want these calls to stop!

17, Jun. 2013

They called. I answered. They hung up. When I called back, I got a recording offering to take me off their list if I asked and left my number. I did, though I've heard this may actually tell them they got a live number and increase the harassment. The recording said they don't have to remove anyone from their list because they aren't telemarketers.

Fight Back
16, Jul. 2013

Talked to Alyssa, supposedly a supervisor. She would not give her last name or employee number. I have asked to not be contacted a few months ago and today they called twice. They got my information from BBVA Compass Bank which just lost me as a customer due to this privacy issue. I forwarded all of the information to my lawyer and will be suing for harassment. The key here is to request that they do not call again and when they do- sue. I will give an update with the conclusion to this matter...

7, Aug. 2013

this number just called me and hung up i don't want to get this again and called bak and recording for MSR group

12, Sep. 2013

They just called me as well. Can anyone that works for a company like that really be happy about what they do?

21, Sep. 2013

I have told them repeatly that I am on the "DO NOT CALL LIST" and I am not interested. BUT they repeatily call me. I am flling a complaint with FCC If the continue to pester me.

24, Sep. 2013

Called twice in one evening. No message left. ID says Nebraska Call

19, Oct. 2013

Go to msr group on google and remove your number from the call list. They do not have to comply with the do not call list due to the fact that "they are not telemarketers" so they say. I will let you all know if this worked..

9, Nov. 2013

fast hang up only rang 3 times... entered my phone number here: cheers!

23, Jan. 2014

stop it

4, Feb. 2014

When will this company get a clue and stop calling?

7, Feb. 2014

This number just called me as well. 6:50PM...GRRRRRRRRRRRRR I answered the phone, hope it wasn't one of those hacking places to get my info.

18, Feb. 2014

Called my cell twice today at 3:24pm and 6:32pm. Did not answer either call.

19, Feb. 2014

annoying calls ; several per evening; hangs up

4, Mar. 2014

Just spoke to Julie who called from this number. She informed the company is called MSR Group and that she was performing a survey for BBVA Compass Bank. I don't recall anyone from BBVA informing me a survey will be conducted by this company. Prior to this, I have also received up to 2 calls from them each day with one being as late as 10pm. Each of those calls would hang up as soon as I answered the call.

15, Mar. 2014

Hate to be the dork here, but I answered it and took the survey about Compass Bank and I was glad I did. First of all, BBVA Compass is 1000 times more reputable than those other banks that are constantly ripping people off and paying huge settlements. secondly, the people at my BBVA branch are awesome and I gave them all excellent scores!

18, Mar. 2014

called 441 pm did not leave message

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