Phone: 402-220-1100

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Omaha, Nebraska
Its exchange 220 is managed by QWEST CORPORATION - NE
The number is currently on switch number OMAHNENWDS1 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 26% of people reported it as "Recorded Message"
There has been a total of 97 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Walgreens SCAM, anonymous"
20, May. 2012

call that was supposed to be from wallgreens looking for a date of birth to go along with our name. hang up quick and do not supply any information

24, May. 2012

Message is left saying it is Walgreens and that my perscription refill is ready for pick up. The number calls twice a week every week for about 2 months now.

25, May. 2012

I get calls from this number about once a month. Message says my prescription is ready at Walgreens. I just refuse the call now. Never answer or call back. We don't even have a Walgreen's in our community!

27, May. 2012

did not answer, put online prescription order to Walgreens about 2 hours before the call. did not follow through with order and did not list my number.

3, Jun. 2012

Claims to be Walgreens asking you to set up automatic perscriptions, confirm your name, and enter you date of birth. Highly likely that this is phishing call - and if it actually is Walgreens shame, shame, shame! DO NOT give your personal information to ANYONE that calls you, or call back a number that they give you to verify it is them. If you have legitmate business with a company, use the contact numbers and hyperlinks that you know are valid.

15, Jun. 2012

they called my pre-paid cell phone

16, Jun. 2012

Last month, I received a call from an Omaha, NE #402-220-1100 and answered it. It was a REAL PERSON (and not the usual robocall) stating they were calling from Walgreens with a reminder to pick up an Rx. Then, they asked me my date of birth!! I hung up on them and went to my pharmacy in Titusville, FL to report it to them. They told me it was a good thing I didn't share my information with just any stranger on the phone. I mean, don't they focus on situations like these on the news all the time? These days, people have their identities stolen all the time! Strange thing was, I really did have a prescription ready at the pharmacy! How would a stranger actually know something like that? This morning, 6/16/2012, around 11:30, I had gotten an automated reminder call from my local Walgreens letting me know I had an Rx ready for pick up. Then, I got additional calls from the Omaha, NE number at 10:08 a.m. and 3:06 p.m. both of which I missed. I called my Titusville Walgreens and told them about the calls from out of state and they said there was no reason for anyone else besides them, in state or out of state to call me for a reminder. I checked my voice mail and found they left a message to call back in the next 24 hours at 800-289-1179 The person I spoke to at my local Walgreens suggested that I report the calls as intrusive and bogus. After doing more investigation, someone on one of the websites suggested the calls came from a collection company posing as Walgreens. They possibly acquired my contact information in violation of multiple Federal laws and were using it in an attempt to make contact with me. They suggested that I contact Walgreens and report it immediately. That's what I did. I hope this helps someone.

17, Jun. 2012

This is Walgreens calling to let you know your prescription is due for a refill. Here's the URL for the walgreens page that talks about it. A simple google search will bring it up.

20, Jun. 2012

Its not a scam or a phishing or any other reason to investigate and report. On Walgreens' website, it clearly says: "*Our refill reminder service now includes automated phone calls just a few days before your refill is due. Your call will come from either 402-220-1100 or 402-220-1106. Enter your date of birth to ensure your privacy and respond by choosing yes or no to refill. Your refills will be ready for you the following day at your local Walgreens, it's that easy. This free service is available to you if you have chosen to not receive email or text prescription refill reminders."

5, Jul. 2012

Got a call from this number today, child left message about my mortgage being forclosed unless I pay points? Strange. I deleted it.

8, Aug. 2012

Got a call from said number, I was in a meeting so did not answer. They did not leave a message.

15, Aug. 2012

It is just an Auto Reminder of prescriptions, All they ask is your MMDDYYYY birthdate, then ask if you would like to refill your script. if you wish to refill then they will come back and tell you which walgreens to pick your script up at.

20, Aug. 2012

I get a call every month from this number. As stated it is Walgreens automated reminder that it is time to refill your prescription. You can either enter birthdate and it will refill for you, or you can just hang up and call your local Walgreens. But it is not a scam. I've refilled my prescriptions for about 6 months through this automated call with no problems.

23, Aug. 2012

I called the # back, and it goes to a Walgreen's recording, talking about refilling my script. I do use Walgreen's, but this is just VERY odd. I hit #1 (are you calling from the # that you received a message from) and I actually wasn't calling from the number, and it told me that my message expired. VERY odd... Probably some sort of phishing system.

25, Aug. 2012

Left no message on voice mail.

4, Sep. 2012

It's just Walgreen's telling me that I have a prescription up for renewal, which I do. Date of birth is asked for to verify just who you are. I didn't think this was any scam.

5, Sep. 2012

My local Walgreens number appears when I get legitmate notifications from them for prescription pick up. This must be a scam.

5, Sep. 2012

I got a call from this number today and they said I had a prescription ready to pick up and wanted my date of birth. I don't have one to pick up and called my local Walgreens. They checked and said there is no prescription in the Walgreens system at any Walgreens. This is NOT from Walgreens.

5, Sep. 2012

CORRECTION to the post I posted 5, Sep. 2012 I called walgreens corporate office and they said that number is from walgreens reminding you that you have a prescription that will be up for refill soon. So it is a valid Walgreen number.

16, Sep. 2012

called me on my cell phone which I provided at my local Walgreens to buy a medicine. People information is stolen from Walgreens itself since my cell number is so new that I have not updated it anywhere nor given to anyone except my family. Looks like Thieves have connections in Walgreens who help them and give out Customer information with Customer's knowledge

18, Sep. 2012

Received a phone call did not answer - no message either. Glad I googled it.

18, Sep. 2012

Got a call from this #, Its Walgreens for an auto reminder about a prescription that's about to run out. Hilarious to read all the crackpot conspiracy theorists on here that think its some sort of scam. Keep your tinfoil hats on and stay classy San Diego.

20, Sep. 2012

This number is from Walgreen's prescription refill reminder service. It's kind of cool I think.

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