Area Code 401

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Area code: 401
State: Rhode Island
Country: USA
22, Apr. 2017

this idiots call 4 to 5 times a day,they never leave a message. I do not answer them cause I do not know who they are..

22, Apr. 2017

Get calls from this number 3 or 4 times a day, since moving &getting this phone number.

21, Apr. 2017

(Same as 11 days ago. These annoying bottom feeders don't give up.) The Business phone rang. Caller ID showed "TA" and this 401-223-7321. I picked it up and answered with the business name. He asked "Is this *****?" (First name only). I asked "What is this about?" He said more forcefully "Is this *****?" I said what does that matter? He said he had a note on is desk to call me at around 10 AM (Yeah - Right). He then said it sounded like I was screening my own calls. I said "I don't want to talk to you. Goodbye!" and hung up. Ten seconds later the phone rang again with the ID "Tucker&Albin" and number 512-646-2503. I picked it up, waited one second, and dropped the receiver back down. So far he hasn't called back again.

20, Apr. 2017

Have asked Card Services repeatedly to remove our number from calling list.

18, Apr. 2017

Asked for me in regards to taxes owed.

17, Apr. 2017

I think they are spoofing the number.

17, Apr. 2017

This same company/number keeps calling every couple days.

14, Apr. 2017

Caller has contacted us at least five times, using different numbers from different states.

12, Apr. 2017

Unsure of business name

12, Apr. 2017

I am on the do not call list and this has become extremely annoying.

12, Apr. 2017

for some reason i keep getting calls from telemarketers and would like to make sure my number is on a do not call list

10, Apr. 2017

I have been registered for a long time now.

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