Area Code 401

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Area code: 401
State: Rhode Island
Country: USA
16, Aug. 2017

Just told him to go fuck off when he would not let me interrupt him and say I was not interested. He seemed to be upset by this comment but it got his attention and I hung up!

I hste heather
14, Aug. 2017

Heather called for auto warranty , yesterday. Same bot, All phishing calls.

3, Aug. 2017

It's from Amazon, I order from there a lot so I don't know who it's actually coming from.

26, Jul. 2017

This number came up on my phone as "Scam Likely", thanks to T-Mobile's scam identifying abilities. I answered it before looking by accident because I was expecting a call, and the caller claimed to be from a polling company. He knew my name.

24, Jul. 2017

Wanting to know bout opinoid usage and if I had pain. Very broken English. Could not understand her. I did get Medicare would pay for stronger drug! Hung up on me when I questioned her, who she was with, etc.

20, Jul. 2017

scammers put in jail

17, Jul. 2017

They call me about 3 times a day. They are looking for someone who is not me. It is a real person and I have asked them multiple times to stop harassing my phone and delete my number. After blocking the number, they proceeded to call me using different Rhode Island numbers

14, Jul. 2017

scam....did a little research and its a VoIP number. So its an internet app throwaway number thier using to get the area code from your area in order to get you to answer. Then will say anything to get you to say YES, in which it allows them to go a head an crack into alot of information...then in a couple months they change there number to another throwaway number....also if you have scam features on your phone or got any scam caller apps, (will not be able to traced) landlined numbers are the main focus, but these are internet numbers which are some what unclassifiable due to the fact its not able to be traceable to any landline or cellphone, so it places these VoIP numbers under both inwhcih its basically a notrusted/trusted you have to manually add scam threw your scam app, and hopefully threw your scam app someone already has done it...Most likely you might have to do it but once you've do it...its offically in thier for everyone else so they dont have to go threw it if they have the same app as you...the best app to avoid these features is CallControl app in which is available on itunes and the google playstore....hopefully this helps the bad thing about these VoIP numbers is once they throw it away that number is most likely be used back again within that week with and actual person most likely getting that number...SMH

14, Jul. 2017

starts out as a robo call. Saying they want to lower my interest on my credit card. As soon as I started to say remove me, they hung up. Definite scam!!!

13, Jul. 2017

Scam Its a law firm preparing to sue you for debt owed on a old car loan

11, Jul. 2017

Same question here

11, Jul. 2017

I never answer unknown calls but this call came early and I had houseguests that were sleeping so I answered it quickly. Weird thing was the caller identified me by my first name. In fact, the only thing she said was, "Mary?" and then hung up when I said "yes." Now I'm kicking myself because I just read about a scheme where they try and get you to say yes on the phone and record your voice to be used later to verify fraudulent charges to credit card companies. Also, the number did not have a 3 digit exchange, which made it look like a local number.

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