Area Code 386

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Area code: 386
State: Florida
Country: USA
23, Feb. 2018

I have asked them repeatedly to put me on THEIR do not call list or asked them to NOT call me- they hang up in a hurry.

23, Feb. 2018

Rang once. No message

22, Feb. 2018

I have had 21 calls from the same numbers in 10 days.

21, Feb. 2018

Said he was with RCI vacations. I told him I was home, sick with the flu and not interested. He said to me, “You shouldn’t have said that (insert my name)” and he disconnected the call.

20, Feb. 2018

They called but did not leave a voicemail. I wish these scam likely calls stop calling me

17, Feb. 2018

This number is linked to a known craigslist scammer that posts fake adds to scam/spam people!!! Flag as spam because craigslist will not remove these posts!

15, Feb. 2018

scam likely - do not answer block if available

13, Feb. 2018

When I request they stop calling my cell phone they hang up on me.

13, Feb. 2018

The guy was very rude.

13, Feb. 2018

scam robo calls shut this hobby number down! i know they will move onbut you are contributing to this problem leaving you open to lawsuits too. They even called a govenment agency looking for wrong person. They are doing that harrassment scam about bringing papers to job or house. I wish they would

13, Feb. 2018

I've asked nicely then screamed obscenities when I got two calls within a half hour of each other today.

12, Feb. 2018


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