Area Code 385

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Area code: 385
State: Utah
Country: USA
4, Aug. 2017

CRIMINAL hacker thief....calling and texting me at the same time. Said What's App code. Text also had a foreign language in text - symbols I did not recognize.

20, Jul. 2017

Afortus calls repeatedly and hangs up when the call is answered. I have asked to be removed from this number and they keep calling. They are calling a business!! The number is 385-249-1216

13, Jul. 2017

Don't know what he was selling. But when I said my number was on do not call list he said that they could call 5 times. COMPLETE BS

12, Jul. 2017

Wants to sell you things like tools and stuff but we do not purchase over the phone. This person (male) is very rude when we asked him to STOP calling. Also He uses different numbers so beware!

Lynette McAllister
10, Jul. 2017

It was 6:30am here, she asked for me by name. It sounded like a call center. Too early to be calling, probably from the eastern USA.

8, Jul. 2017

One time the caller ID said I was calling myself!

28, Jun. 2017

Spam - auto dialer

25, Jun. 2017

FCC caught Adrian Abramovich & they will catch this slob spammer too! Using Fake ID's against the law! I got your medical device right here. Notice how they never call on weekends or holidays? No OT or extra pay! HAHAHAHA! They'll get a lot of attention in prison.. Owner's name hidden by Switchboard for privacy reasons & is based in Springville, UT.

23, Jun. 2017

They called and asked for TRENT- Then they say, its ok, I can talk to either of you. Thank u for picking up cuz they are tired of talking to machines. But it is a machine with programmed responses.

22, Jun. 2017

A company called A.C.T.? They would not tell me what they were calling for, what they do, only that it's regarding personal matters?????? (They called for someone I haven't heard from in YEARS and I wanted to know how they got my number)

chuck the spam calls
15, Jun. 2017

Said he was with the Law Enforcement Coalition. Wanted me to tell him how much I would donate to them when he would send me a donation envelope and prize. Said they needed to know how much I would donate, so they would know if they could meet their donation goals. Call was robo-dialed, then a real well spoken man gave me the spiel. I am afraid that some older folks will fall for this scam. If our law makers weren't busy fighting with each other, they could clamp down on some of the things that plague everybody. Like scam call, loud TV commercials and a hundred other things!

6, Jun. 2017

I know it's a scam.keisha S Loc. It rings 3 times then they hang up. Boston Mass.

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