Phone: 385-229-3020

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S Salt Lake, Utah (229) exchange.
Around 50% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 30 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Federal Financial Group, are you american?"
26, Nov. 2012

I think this is a scam. I actually answered the call and they say that I won a free two nights. I couldn't fully understand where the lady was calling from. Some bank that is opening in Utah. She then asked me about my income. I didn't give much away. At the end of the call she hung up. Haha.

26, Nov. 2012

They just called me and I couldn't hear very well but it sounded like some kind of scam. The call went for about 20 seconds before I hung up.

26, Nov. 2012

SPAM..donto answer

26, Nov. 2012

supposed telemarketer, they had info that could have only been sold to them ie. name aprox age and address. had to have purchased online. The initial Caller ID came up salt lake city but after deeper investigation turned up to be Bhara, India

27, Nov. 2012

Called but did not leave message. :-(

3, Dec. 2012


14, Dec. 2012

They called me too. For a "free giveway of two nights I had won" I could barely understand the man....and when I asked where you have my number from....he said we have a few agents collecting numbers....weird cal....

7, Jan. 2013

Solicitation call that became rude and disrespectful when I stated we do not accept solitation calls at this business. She said she was aware she called a business number. Again, I stated we are not interested, then she hung up. Sounds like a scam call.

Tecumseh Bill
11, Jan. 2013

dont hang up, we are offering you at no cost a[list of items..trips,$2500 cash,etc..] to promote our company..Alll you have to do is...He couldnt speak english enough to be understood as to what he wanted me to do...told him didnt need his FREE items and hung up..they didnt respect the do not call list...i'm on it...

21, Jan. 2013

I received this call at 10am on 1/21/13 to my cell phone. He said was from the Federal Financial Group. I had to have him say the company's name over and over again. So, I told him to get the marbles out of his mouth and try the name again. Then, he proceeded to tell me how he got my cell number. When I told him to never call me again, he hung up. I'll expect another call this time tomorrow. :(

23, Jan. 2013

Did you get calls from the Federal Financial Group (aka IMS)? Here's some things you should know about them. Federal Financial Group fined $18,500 by Indiana Attorney General for Do Not Call violations / June 2012 What can you do about FFG violating your do-not-call rights? FIRST: file a complaint about Federal Financial Group with the Better Business Bureau here: SECOND: file a complaint with the FTC Do Not Call Registry: THIRD: file a complaint with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection for violation of Utah No-Call Statute: - Utah No-Call Statute -> FOURTH: file a complaint with the Utah Insurance Department: You can also: File a complaint with the Utah Division of Securities: 801-530-6600 File a complaint with the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing: File a complaint with the Utah Division of Corportations and Commercial Code: (801) 530-4849 Contact Salt Lake Area Media and inform them of ongoing stream of complaints against Federal Financial Group Salt Lake Tribune - **** NOTE:All we want is for FFG/IMS to stop calling people on the DNC list. Please? Additional Info about Federal Financial Group follows. FFC/IMS Telemarketing Script IMS doesn't follow their own Do Not Call Policy Quick Contact Info Federal Financial Group 292 East 12200 South #200 Draper, UT 84020 888-305-4008 855-256-2809 866-517-2945 801-495-2009 801-495-1373 - Fax Primary Office Manager: Kathy Germaine 2701 W 820 N Provo, UT 84601-1136 801-377-5368 Kathy Germaine's Social Media Linkedin page Pintrest Page MySpace page Facebook page Human Resources: Teresa: Kylee Jean Moss: twitter: myspace: google+: (SG(O)M/CKM/CCM/DMM-Propay/BAM) Matt Christensen - 801-221-2945 x219 801-221-2945 x222 National Recruiter: Jeff Bird - 855-256-2809 **** NOTE:All we want is for FFG/IMS to stop calling people on the DNC list. Please? Info Manager - Ryan Jacobs: Recently Deleted Twitter Account Listed Office Manager: Larry Sheffield Owner: Rick Dixon Vice President: Brent Tycksen - 73 EAST 10000 SOUTH SALEM, UT 84653 801-362-2465 Utah Insurance Dept Record Insurance-Forums Thread Legal actions against Federal Financial 05/22/2012 by Utah Insurance Dept Insurance News Article Federal Financial Group is also: Intel Marketing L L C , aka IMS Marketing, aka Insurance Marketing Strategies, aka Intel Marketing Solutions, aka i- Marketing Solutions 1127 S 1680 W Orem, UT 84058-4930 866-517-2945 801-748-0791 801-221-2945 801-810-3018 Detailed Company Info is below This same company has also called from: 213-375-0323 262-995-9701 262-995-9702 262-995-9703 317-670-0199 360-227-4619 385-229-3000 385-229-3001 385-229-3002 385-229-3003 385-229-3004 385-229-3005 385-229-3006 385-229-3007 385-229-3008 385-229-3009 385-229-3010 385-229-3011 385-229-3012 385-229-3013 385-229-3014 406-623-3577 406-852-8203 425-906-3133 603-834-6302 800-662-3011 801-221-2945 801-285-5156 801-379-2000 801-432-2126 801-616-5962 801-616-5967 801-676-8709 801-748-0791 801-748-2101 801-748-4030 801-810-3000 801-810-3018 801-990-2287 801-990-2294 801-990-8566 801-990-8567 801-990-8568 801-990-8569 801-990-8570 801-990-8571 801-990-8575 801-990-8585 801-990-8589 866-517-2945 Other Federal Financial Group Address 12401 S 450 E Unit B1 Draper, UT 84020 866-517-2945 801-495-2009 Linkedin Site Some of their Youtube Marketing Videos Insurance-Forums Thread for FFG Ripoff Report: Better Business Bureau Report: Type of Entity - Limited Liability Company Contact Information Principal: Mr. Larry Sheffield (Office Manager) Mr. Rick Dixon (Owner) Mr David F. Shimmin (Marketing Director) deleted Linkedin Profile - Old Linkedin Profile - Mr. Jimmy Larsen (Financial Consultant) Linkedin Profile - Utah Business License Record for FFG Agents on Record Robert Acevedo - 3134 S 2750 E Salt Lake City, UT 84109 801-414-7311 Lynn Armitstead - 400 W Westfield Road Alpine, UT 84004 801-898-5966 Richard Bradley - 925 E. Executive Park Dr. Salt Lake City, UT 84117 801-994-5500 Michael Clingman - 5375 Chets Ct Salt Lake City, UT 84120-7905 801-455-2320 Rick Dixon - Mark Furlong - 2384 Camino Way Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121 801-352-7812 Gary Geertsen - 1922 East Meadow Drive Cottonwood Heights, Ut 84121 801-694-4747 Michael Katsanevas - 1384 Old Maple Court Salt Lake City, UT 84117 866-990-2883 Gregory Kerr - 1338 Foothill Drive Salt Lake City, UT 84108 801-495-2009 Richard Kiser - 11267 Crescent Vista Lane Sandy, UT 84070 801-674-6925 Julie Macneil - 186 W 100 S American Fork, UT 84003 801-492-8156 Shane McKinnon - 12428 South Doreen Dr Riverton, UT 84065 801-867-0475 Gerald Pitts - 1260 E 8220 S Sandy, UT 84094 801-568-3605 Brent Tycksen - 173 E 10000 S Salem, UT 84653 801-362-2465 Brent Whiting - 3178 East Hollyhock Hill Salt Lake City, UT 84121 801-942-8535 Becky Hilburn Internet domains pertaining to Federal Financial, IMS and Ryan Jacobs Ryan Jacobs Contact: Email Address - Recently Deleted Twitter Account Google+ Website for Federal Financial is Registered to IMS 1127 South 1680 West Orem, Utah 84058 auther(?) = Ryan Jacobs Created - 9/1/2009 Microsoft-IIS/6.0 ASP.NET: Ver 2.0.50727 - mail server = - cnames to Administrative Contact: Ryan Jacobs Websites pointing to mx = cnames to mx = mx = cnames to Other sites at mx = rdns to JBS Transport aka Jacobs Enterprises William (Bill) Alan Jacobs Deanna W Jacobs 781 N 120 E Orem, UT 84057 801-224-3582 Bat-Erdene, Bayasal JBS Transport 364 West 700 North Orem, Utah 84057 United States 801-722-9892 Ryan Jacobs 14517 Windom Rd Herriman, UT 84096 Other hosted or Not hosted - - - - - - - Federal Financial 292 E 12200 S #200 Draper, Utah 84020 United States 801-495-2009 Deleted Domain Names: - Rick Dixon Info - FFG/IMS Info and Staff Info Federal Financial Group 292 East 12200 South Suite 200 Draper, UT 84020 Phone: 801-495-2009 Fax: 801-495-1373 Rick Dixon - UT Lic #58955, CA Lic #0B55904 Intel Marketing L L C , aka IMS Marketing, aka Insurance Marketing Strategies, aka Intel Marketing Solutions, aka i- Marketing Solutions 1127 S 1680 W Orem, UT 84058-4930 866-517-2945 801-748-0791 801-221-2945 Better Business Bureau Webpage Chamber of Commerce site State of Utah Commercial License record for IMS-Marketing Solutions LLC Website for I-Marketing Solutions is Registrant: Ryan Jacobs 105 South State Street #112 Orem, Utah 84058 801-221-2945 Administrative Contact: Kathy Germaine 2701 W 820 N Provo, UT 84601-1136 801-377-5368 IMS General Manager Linkedin page IMS General Manager Pintrest Page IMS General Manager MySpace page IMS General Manager Facebook page IMS Supervisor Tools Document by Ryan Jacobs Other Rick Dixon companies RCD Real Estate Investiments LLC Rick Dixon's Engine Former Rick Dixon companies World Marketing Alliance World Financial Group Dixon Family: Tyson Dixon - Draper Jaron Dixon - Draper Charelle Dixon - Draper Brittany Allison - Magna Lauren Dixon - Draper Chase Dixon - Draper Preston Rick Dixon 1325 S. Benewah St Nampa Idaho 83686 Arrest Record - Utah Insurance Dept Action - Denied Lic for Burglar Alarm Company #7252856-6502 Unverified*mLMoF2hla22U*E*OCQ Christine Dixon 1109 Ranchero Dr Draper, UT 84020-9006 801-571-9804 Shelby Dixon - Draper - Contestant Miss Utah 2012 The Phase "Are you honest in your dealings with your fellow man?" suggests not calling phone numbers listed in the Do Not Call Registry.

29, Jan. 2013

This number has been calling multiple times a day recently. Caller ID says "Federal Financial" Some person that sounded like "Abu" from the Simpsons, couldn't understand what they said. We just let the phone ring, they never leave a message.

29, Jan. 2013

22, Feb. 2013

Serious thanks to Mr Kelly above -- that was exceptionally useful and helpful. I called every number you provided -- every single one. Put in random extension numbers where required (I used "111" -- which got me to Whitney) and asked every one why they were calling me. The Manager's number, by the way, doesn't ring through -- ever -- just goes to voice mail. Again, to Mr. Kelley: EXCEPTIONALLY HELPFUL -- THANK YOU!

4, Mar. 2013

When I answered, the caller asked "is obama the "n****r" there?

22, Mar. 2013

Despite me saying I wasnt interested, he persisted. Told him, hey its your time to waste. I'm working while your talking and I guarantee to waste as much of your time as you want or can stand. "BUt...but.." "Yup, told you twice Im not interested, but I'm not the one who is going to hang up, you are" "Cant you asner three questions". "yes I could, but I have some questions for you. What business are you in?" Continued the roundy round until he gave up. He did wish me a good day before he hung up.

17, Apr. 2013

they call and hang up on you

26, Apr. 2013

calling from a noisy call center

10, May. 2013

How do we stop these calls??? I'm a business owner and I don't have time for scam calls.

23, May. 2013

Call but don't leave a message.

19, Jun. 2013

Called from 385-229-3020, identified as being from Federal Financial Group. Female caller with heavy unidentifiable accent. Claimed that our number had been randomly selected from a scratch ticket at their office this morning (that's a new one) and that as an employee at our number I was guaranteed to receive a scratch ticket worth at least $2500, or some other ridiculous list of prizes. Used common scammer tactic of asking "OK?" after every sentence... get you in the habit of agreeing to everything they say so you'll continue agreeing to their scam. I informed her I had a customer and couldn't neglect my job to speak with her at the moment. She rudely kept talking over me, insiting I stay on the line. I won't be answering any further calls from their number, but my boss will if they call when he's here. He loves keeping scammers busy on the line and confused as long as possible. Huge thanks to MrKelley for the contact info, I'll definitely be following up.

28, Jun. 2013

Called Federal Finance and asked to be removed from their list... however, they said their lists were purchased from LIST GIANT 1 800-383-1381 - you can call and have your number removed from the company that sold your number to begin with... CALL LIST GIANT - 1 800-383-1381 The other company where they purchase their lists is... Nationwide List Company, Inc. NOW - CAS Inc 866-461-4693... you can call and have your number removed from the company that sold your number to begin with... CALL CAS Inc - 866-461-4693 CALL - Direct Marketing Association to remove your number: Customer Service: 212.790.1500

1, Aug. 2013

Called to inform me that I may qualify for a scratcher ... no sales pitch she said. Same comments as "M" listed on Jun 19 2013 down this thread. She was definitely Filipino - maybe the call center is based in the Philippines. Told them to not call me again.

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