Area Code 360

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Area code: 360
State: Washington
Country: USA
20, Aug. 2017

Caller said I'm being sued by the IRS. I actually do owe taxes but I've been making payments so I was like What? So I goggle the number and that is when I found others comments regarding this number. Be aware of scammers always goggle number first before you call back. I won't be calling since I already have payment arrangements with thev IRS.

17, Aug. 2017

I got a voicemail from this number .. Never heard my phone actually ring. (weird) Anyways there was this guy saying his name was Daniel and that we needed to call him back immediately or he's going to have to close our account and we're going to miss out on $25,000.00 line of credit. He never mentioned our names in the message and we never talked to him or ANYONE for that matter about any kind of line of credit. I just assumed he had the wrong number, but then I heard that my co-worker had gotten the same exact voicemail. SO I'M CALLING THIS A SCAM !!

Richard La Croix
16, Aug. 2017

They just called me too. For one the IRS doesnt answer the phone, its a automated system then you are tranfered to a person. If you get a call from this number its a scam.

11, Aug. 2017

Lefty no message...I suspect it was a telemarketer and have blocked the number!

10, Aug. 2017

Called at 9pm pacific time asking for lady of the house hold. Told them that I'm not and my mom is but she doesn't speak English and I get hung up on. Tried to call back to cuss them out and of course it's automated. 9 at night asking for charity donations. Doesn't make sense total scammers

8, Aug. 2017

+1 (360) 209-5873 Spam. Pretends to leave a voice msg without saying anything when the recording is play backed.

3, Aug. 2017


2, Aug. 2017

this machine keeps calling and calling and calling w"ill I'm trying to work

2, Aug. 2017

Alpine. Credit card processing. These people are persistant. They have been calling me on and off for years. My answer will always be no. You'd think they'd get it by now as it's been a couple years.

2, Aug. 2017

Received call from this number. Guy asked for Peter and I told him he has the wrong number. Guy responded saying, "well maybe you can help me, my name is scott and I am with the veteran affairs department seeking donations to help with disabled vets..." He continued on with his spiel, told him I am not interested and hung up.

19, Jul. 2017

Supposed IRS agent, NOT!. Heavy Indian or Middle Eastern accent. Sounded like a traffic jam or busy mall in background

17, Jul. 2017

May 2017 - WA state phone system identified the caller as Jill Short. Caller identified herself as with WA State Dept of Licensing, Board of Engineers. There is a Jill Short with the Board and she is listed as an investigator for the Board. However, this number is not listed in the internal WA state global address book for the only Jill Short entry in the address book. It may be a personal line.

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