360-861-6939 (Scammers)

  • Scam is known as: "Rachel from credit card services".
  • Has been around since 2009
  • Declared public enemy number one by FTC
  • Latest people reported the number as that of "unknown Telemarketer SCAMMER, Unbelieveable"
  • Around 14% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
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Hugh Jazzole
23, Aug. 2013

These are rude idiots.

28, Aug. 2013

I Picked up the phone and a man said his name is Thomas and he asked are you the owner I asked him if he was the owner he answered that he cant answer personal.

28, Aug. 2013

I've been getting these callsat my small business for months asking for "The owner of the business" Every time I ask what business, they hang up! I'm going to cooperate next time and get THEIR info somehow! They are unethical.

6, Sep. 2013

phone rings, but when answered "hello" by female voice, total silence. Continues silent for several minutes & then hangs up. Guess telemarketer realizes this is not a business.

19, Sep. 2013

keeps calling & asking if you need help with debt.. you tell them no they hang up.. so annoying & rude

1, Oct. 2013

That funny ,if you know where the caller come from , it being going on all the time and people get upset over this phone number! Why they show the location of this place thru. a satellite image, then why don't you get these stupid FBI guys to go after them!? This is crazy,they alway show the locations of callers and what the purpose for the FBI SERVICE?Oh,I know,there a government SHUTDOWN TODAY THAT WHY! TRY THE CIA,EVEN IF THAT SERVICE SHUTDOWN ,GET THE LOCAL COPS OVERTHERE,HOW THAT?

John of Lower Merion
23, Feb. 2014

Voice recognition call recorded 19 September 2013 from (360) 861-6939 Caller ID: Process CC Dep This was a really slick call. The caller kept repeating "is that ok?" after asking me questions and I thought it was a scammer who wanted to record me saying "yes" so they could alter the recording of the call and make it appear that I agreed with them for whatever they're trying to pass off on me, but after a while, I realized I was talking to a robot! The robot is queued to advance in the call based on the respondent saying key words, as directed by the robot's questions. I tried to keep silent until I was afraid they'd disconnect, then I'd say 'hello?' to hold them in the conversation. I was trying to play with "Robert Green", thinking he was a real person, but finally they disconnected the call. Here is a transcript of our "conversation": <me> Hello? <they> This is Robert from customer care service. How are you today? <me> Just fine. <they> The reason for the call is that we're offering relief for unsecured debt. Would you be interested in some financial assistance? <me> Uh, what sort of unsecured debt? <they> To be clear, when we say 'unsecured debt', we mean credit card payments, personal loans, and collection accounts. Let me ask you a couple of questions. Is that ok? <me> Uh, how did you get my number? <they> Well, I don't, I'm not in charge of the marketing, I don't know where we get the information from. What I do know is that we can save you a tremendous amount of money on your credit card debt. How much debt do you have now? <me> Oh, loads, don't even ask. <they> Do you have $8,000 or more in credit card debt? <me> Ah, easily, yes. <they> Hey, it looks like you qualify. Well, hold on a minute while I get a consultant on the line, ok? Is that ok? <pause> Are you there? <me> Hello? I'm here. <they> Is that ok? Great, I'm gonna transer you to a specialist, you're gonna be on a brief hold, so don't hang up. Is that ok? <me> Hello? Hello? <they> Yeah. Yes. Are you there? <me> Hello? Hello? <they> Yes. He'll be with us shortly. Is that ok? <me> What did you say your name was? <they> Robert Green. <pause> We need this information to continue. Is that ok? <me> Robert Green? <they> Yes. Is your credit card debt $8,000 or more? <me> Uh, easily. <they> Ok, that wasn't clear. Can you, can you say that again? <me> Yeah, I'm seeing some very interesting things about you on the Internet. Looking up your phone number. <they> Do you have $8,000 or more in credit card debt? <me> Oh, easily. <they disconnected the call here> Thanks to Google Voice ( www.google.com/voice ) you can hear the recording on my Spam Calls web page: http://home.comcast.net/~achx88a/spam/spamcalls.htm Signup for your own free Google Voice account at www.google.com/voice and avoid telephone call spam

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