Phone: 360-529-3216

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Olympia, Washington
Its exchange 529 is managed by INTERNATIONAL TELCOM
The number is currently on switch number TACMWA06DS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 26% of people reported it as "Unknown"
There has been a total of 30 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "WASHING STATE, washing state"
1, Jul. 2013

Keeps calling, leaves no message

5, Jul. 2013

called today, but when I answered there was nobody there. Tried calling back but got a voicemail without company info.

10, Jul. 2013

2nd time in the past two days that this number has called. No message and when I answered, no one on the line.

12, Jul. 2013

called, leaving no message.

12, Jul. 2013

WA State Troopers Association calling for money.

15, Jul. 2013

18, Jul. 2013

called during day when at work. Do not have business with anyone in Olympia, WA.

26, Jul. 2013

called me around 3pm, no one on the line when I answered

8, Aug. 2013

Keeps calling

14, Aug. 2013

Received call, but did not answer. Caller ID: Olympia, WA. Years ago, I did answer the phone and was told it was the WA ST Trooper's Assoc. and they were wanting donations. I looked online and e-mailed the association for the state troopers in WA about the phone call and donation-pitch, and they informed me that they do not (at that time) phone citizens/ residents and ask for donations. So please be very wary of anyone/ organization that phones on the behalf of another person/ organization asking for donations. Here's hoping you are staying scam-free!

4, Sep. 2013

This number is also used for the Washington State Patrol for their yearly charity drive.

Cliff S
9, Sep. 2013

Did not leave a message, I called back and Male voice states sorry I missed your call Leave your name & number and I'll get back with you.

10, Sep. 2013

This is the WA Troopers Association calling for donations.

27, Sep. 2013

Says he is from the washington state troopers assoc. .....and after pleasant chit-chat starts asking for donations. I don't think it's legitimate so I hung up.

8, Oct. 2013

Claims to be with WA State Troopers, trying to scam money out of people.

16, Oct. 2013

My number is unpublised yet these people illegally keep calling relentlously. They don\'t respond when I answer, and I want to take them down. Please, if anyone finds out who they are, let us all know.

18, Oct. 2013

Did not leave a message, I called back and Male voice states sorry I missed your call Leave your name & number and I\\\'ll get back with you.

22, Oct. 2013

Called me and when I answered was silent. WOKE ME UP!! Time of call was 8:30 pm.. My number is not only unlisted and unpublished but also on the national do not call list.

5, Nov. 2013

This is clearly a call center - I answered the phone and there was no noise. I said "hello" and there was brief period of silence, then a click and a man started reading from a script. Considering use of robodialers is illegal in WA, I'm surprised the State Police would have anything to do with this outfit. SCAM.

5, Nov. 2013

I answered my phone and heard a man saying "hello, hello??" Like he couldn't hear me. I hung up, the number never called back.

7, Nov. 2013

Called about 4 p.m. I objected to being solicited for donations by a commercial fundraiser since they keep most of the money and hung up. Phone rang again immediately and man argued that they are not keeping most of the money and were giving what they collected to the state police. I hung up again.

7, Nov. 2013

Called the number back and got a voice message. I am on the National Do not Call list. caller ID says it is Washington State so you think it is important. The best we can do is call back and when there is a message and no ID of who called place it in file 13!

12, Dec. 2013

WA State Troopers Association calling for money.

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