Phone: 360-402-6911

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Olympia, Washington
Its exchange 402 is managed by SPRINT SPECTRUM L.P.
The number is currently on switch number STTLWAWBCM6 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 67% of people reported it as "SMS"
There has been a total of 55 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "zulaikha, zulaikha"
15, Nov. 2013 Reply

Got a text to my cell # saying "Open your gift from me on Tango" I texted back "No, I don't know you" Got another text from same # "Check out my photo" Of course I did not. They might want to infect my phones with virus. Don't click on links if you don't know and not expect from this number.

16, Nov. 2013 Reply

16, Nov. 2013 Reply

18, Nov. 2013 Reply

got same text from 850-612-2656

29, Nov. 2013 Reply

I got the same text but a different number 240-701-5485

وليد الهادي
8, Dec. 2013 Reply

9, Dec. 2013 Reply

I got the same text from this number 0427318000

11, Dec. 2013 Reply

I got the same tex from this number09132345090 what am i suppose to do?i dont khow eny thing about it..what is it about?

12, Dec. 2013 Reply

I got the same text from 818-284-8625. I marked it as SPAM. I didn't open it.

Rebecca (Becky)
16, Dec. 2013 Reply

I want to be part of this

17, Dec. 2013 Reply

I got the same text from this number 0914414741

17, Dec. 2013 Reply

i got like this massege from 0528330557

18, Dec. 2013 Reply

slt a ttes et a ts

21, Dec. 2013 Reply

got the same tex fron 417 296 4058

26, Dec. 2013 Reply

26, Dec. 2013 Reply

j ust friends

27, Dec. 2013 Reply

i got till now two same message from two friend but i dont know what is the benefit of this page

31, Dec. 2013 Reply

I got the same message from this number 09123799716 what it is about pls give me more information

3, Jan. 2014 Reply

What is this s**t?

7, Jan. 2014 Reply

11, Jan. 2014 Reply

I don't know who the caller is. I know what Tango is. Its a very useful phone app that i used in the past. It lets you video call people and see them while you talk. I an not sure of the link that i received, so I'm not clicking on it.

11, Jan. 2014 Reply

Only a fool accepts a gift from a stranger. If you don't know the person, its not a gift. YOU are their opportunity. Don't make it easy to get jacked.

29, Jan. 2014 Reply

I got the same text from 09371836521

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