Phone: 360-322-6073

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Arlington, Washington
Its exchange 322 is managed by INTERNATIONAL TELCOM, LTD. - W
The number is currently on switch number STTLWAKGDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists)
Around 42% of people reported it as "Telemarketer"
There has been a total of 14 comments left about the number.
Latest people reported the number as that of "Credit Card Rate Reduction Scam, RL2Services Co."
22, Jun. 2012 Reply

The caller called and hung up when I answered. oj callback recording said thanks for calling consumer blablabla marketing, if you would like to be removed enter your phone number, I didnt

13, Dec. 2012 Reply

I picked up, didn't answer, they hung up.

13, Dec. 2012 Reply

They called., I answered and they never said anything. I said hello 4 times and then I hung up after no response.

13, Dec. 2012 Reply

4:45 PM Wed 12/12/12 unsolicited call from telemarketer. Lady asks do you want your business to appear at the top of a major search engine. Press 1. Repeats twice. Then adds, press 9 to be removed from our calling list. No name given of company. 360 322 6073

13, Dec. 2012 Reply

Scammer, Scammer, Scammer

Hate Them
13, Dec. 2012 Reply

This number recycles for the scumbag scammers who use it...right now if you call, it says you can opt-out and gives you the blah blah about how it's required for them to do that BUT...they never say what the company is.

13, Dec. 2012 Reply

Keep getting calls from this number. I never hear a voice. We are a business. We don't need to get telemarketed. !

14, Dec. 2012 Reply

It seems to be a recorded bot that is trying to verify if this is a good number for recorded phone pitching. In other words, if I call back, and enter ANYTHiNG, they will then know it is a good working number for phone bots to call and pitch things.

14, Dec. 2012 Reply

Call asked me to update my google listing press 1. Their site is (MacAfee says its a risky site) caller id shows 360-322-6073 Contact info shows 949-797-7199 Claims #6 marketing co in nation.

20, Dec. 2012 Reply

I asked to be taken off their list the caller was very rude.... this is a SCAM

21, Dec. 2012 Reply

When i get this kind of call now, i hang up and take the phone right away again to check if the tone is back. And it was not. I did that few times until i got it back. I think that sometimes these people have a system to hook on your line discretely and have the charges on your bill. I had that recently and now i am very careful...

22, Mar. 2014 Reply

Wanted to know if I would like to reduce my Visa card interest rate.

27, Mar. 2014 Reply

WOW... very very rude after I hung up on him....kept calling back leaving threatening messages. When I answered he told me not to hang up on him again and he would tell me when I could hang up! Also left message calling me a son of a b***h and asking me if I was scared...... What a bunch of douche bags! I will be filing a report with both my local as well as county police! Also will contact the L.A. County Sheriff's office as that is who originally showed up as calling on my ID!!!! Let's get these ignorant Aholes taken down.

12, Apr. 2014 Reply

Credit Card offer to lower interest rates. Numbers are disconnected. They are a SCAM. Scam is to get the Zip Code first and then say that they need to verify that one account is in good standing with a balance of $4k or more. The then ask for the card number and / or the expiration date. Finally they ask for the card number. Most of the time they will ask for the last four numbers of your Social Security number. Then they put you on hold and check the card using the phone number on the back of the card. I wasted about 15 minutes of their time giving a card that had been replaced. Gave fake zip code and etc. Waste their time if you like however don't give them a real working card number. Also the following numbers should be consider as FRAUD. 626-322-6073, 626-338-8932, 701-393-5811, 216-278-0121, 360-322-6663, 310-599-9201, 218-573-6958, 731-548-7024, 727-216-9840, 229-227-9632, 406-832-5847, 531-748-7024, 615-000-7664, 401-515-4756, 850-237-4859, 407-692-2286, 860-822-7440, 731-498-4058, 517-705-1117, 302-234-8558, 281-825-4439, 765-998-4712, 416-364-1111, 631-665-8769, 503-543-5471, 731-203-5870, 406-980-2030, 620-504-7452, 860-949-6352, 703-468-4703, 203-244-7440, 701-771-9654, 337-220-9635, 256-526-9650, 726-901-8575, 763-428-4712, 601-907-8542, 501-433-8509, 202-509-5548, 207-246-8509, 304-287-4841, 303-490-7410, 678-864-7418, 916-555-0077, 765-525-9654, 813 444-5700, 207-829-6517, 301-577-6523, 256-526-9650, 337-220-9635, 203-244-7740, 701-771-9654, 620-504-7452, 703-468-4703, 860-949-6352, 908-395-8442, 404-900-5101, 305-368-8209, 726-901-8575, 601-907-8542, 207-829-6517, 301-577-6523, 256-526-9650, 337-220-9635, 203-244-7740, 701-771-9654, 620-504-7452, 703-468-4703, 860-949-6352, 908-395-8442, 406-936-5472 I'm sure this is only a partial list of the numbers used by these scamers. Typically if you call the number they are disconnected. A search on google will display numerous complaints. KEY WORDS, Fraud, ID Theft, Scam, Steal ID, Crime, Fraud Charges.

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