Area Code 352

Additional information:

Area code: 352
State: Florida
Country: USA
6, Sep. 2017

We have received an influx of recorded messages for Medical Insurance, hearing aids, medical scooters etc.

6, Sep. 2017

Medical Alert Bracelet

6, Sep. 2017

Thay have been calling for a few weeks, multiple times/day.

6, Sep. 2017

They all call at will because they believe has no teeth.

5, Sep. 2017

They have called us twice.

30, Aug. 2017

Automated messages, wanted to fix my credit

23, Aug. 2017

CRIMINALS. Yes, the same criminal gang. Just a new phone number. This criminal organization is fully supported by our greedy politicians, who share in the profits of crime. Nothing will ever be done in California to stop these criminal gangs from calling us. These criminals exist due to the support of our corrupt politicians and money hungry phone companies, both of which receive significant profits from the abuse by these criminal enterprises. It would be ever so simple for the phone company to identify all unused phone numbers by marking them as "invalid number" as part of the "caller i.d." program and/or the phone companies setting up their own reporting email systems (just like this one). But, the phone companies elect not to identify invalid numbers since they earn substantial income from these criminals calling us every day. We get to pay for these callers too, as we are usually billed for calls from these unwanted spam callers Such is our life in California. Criminals, politicians and the phone companies all share in the common interest of easy money.

17, Aug. 2017

Getting a call from HIS, HOWARD Logistic Service saying they need to serve my brother in law paperwork for a complaint. Call. They are calling from Massachusetts

10, Aug. 2017

352-775-7390 called me 4 times in the last 14 minutes; tried reverse phone lookup to determine who it might be and was told it was an invalid number - how can an invalid number continue to call me??? very annoying and a complete waste of time

1, Aug. 2017

Got a call just now from 3522040033 lol! Suckers 😂

29, Jul. 2017

Saturday 6:30pm -- called on my landline.. I did not answer.... When is something going to be done to stop these????????????

28, Jul. 2017

Calls me daily and sometimes several times a day. All from different numbers. They say they are with Humana, but it is a FAUD. Do NOT answer these calls, and report them to Humana.

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