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31, Mar. 2016 Reply

Called at 7:20, no message.

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21, Mar. 2016 Reply

The report being provided now does not have the prank caller's legitimate phone number.

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2, Mar. 2016 Reply

I do not know who they are but I have asked them numerous times to stop and they continue to call.

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6, Apr. 2015 Reply

just call business line.....they do not leave message....if a legitimate business...who would do business with them, when they can't/don't even leave a message.

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5, Jun. 2014 Reply

I have received 4 or 5 calls from Diabetes Care Now in the past 2 days. The phone number on my cell phone display is always the same: (855) 869-0591. Each time they call they ask who they're speaking to and then go right onto their script without waiting for a response. If you pose any questions or objections, they hang up. The caller today said, after I asked her a question, "Well, if you don't want this call I'll put you on the DO NOT CALL LIST. I've heard this before. It means nothing. These are craven, greedy miscreants who are attempting to exploit the ill, the elderly, and the disabled by cashing in on the very poor billing and security systems of health insurance companies. This is fraud of the lowest and most naked form, plain and simple..

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18, May. 2014 Reply

Wanted us to call them back. Left message on our phone.

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11, Feb. 2014 Reply


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23, Oct. 2013 Reply

These people have called several times.

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28, Jun. 2013 Reply

This person continues to call every day. When I try to call this number back, recording says such number is not in service, BUT that is what my called ID shows! He would not stop calling my home. Please stop this harassment. Thank you for your attention.

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30, May. 2013 Reply

Calls often and daily. No message left.

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11, Apr. 2013 Reply

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6, Aug. 2012 Reply

These recorded messages never identify the company. They just change their originating phone #s which I can access thru my phone-internet-cable bundled service.

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4, Apr. 2012 Reply

very rude and on the cusp of violating FDCPA...