Area Code 351

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Area code: 351
State: Massachusetts
Country: USA
9, Jun. 2017

Disney vacation sales using a recording. Repetitive calls using different numbers with th the same stupid message..352-875-6817

3, Jun. 2017

Robocall purportedly from the IRS saying that a warrant has been issued.This has been reported as a scam multiple times by multiple people. I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure the actual IRS would issue paperwork & not give you a sketchy phone call for something this serious. More of us need to send complaints about this number to the FCC so it can be blocked.

31, May. 2017

Scammmmm! DO NOT call back.

5, May. 2017

caller calls and hangs up.

5, May. 2017

Solar sales pitch...

17, Apr. 2017

I don't give my cell phone # out to businesses. I'm getting way too many car warranty calls to my cell phone. It's illegal in my state for solicitation to be placed to a cell phone without the cell phone owner's written permission to do so & no company has that from me.

23, Mar. 2017

we have received 4 phone calls from this company in the last hour.

3, Mar. 2017

She also left the phone number 323-474-0317.

15, Feb. 2017

Senior citizens etc.

26, Jan. 2017

A robocall scam, blocked by my screening service that requires input from a live caller. for the call to ring through.

2, Jan. 2017

I attempted to speak to a representative, but stayed on hold for quite a while.

15, Nov. 2016

They call more than once a day and have done so for weeks. I'm tired of it! I can't ask them to stop calling as there isn't a person on the other line.

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