Area Code 347

Additional information:

Area code: 347
State: New York
Country: USA
30, Mar. 2017

They call 1-3 times per day for the last several weeks selling alternate electric.

29, Mar. 2017

These people should go to jail scamming people pretending to be the IRS !

29, Mar. 2017

They call at least once.

29, Mar. 2017

I have repeatedly asked them not to call this number.

29, Mar. 2017

In the past five years, she has allowed certified or non-certified technicians to come in to service her fairly new furnace and sometimes charged her large bills for replacing unbroken parts!

28, Mar. 2017

An internet search of the number reveals that many other people have the same problem.

28, Mar. 2017

They called today (10/1/2015), yesterday (9/30) @4:53pm, 1:31pm, 9:01am.

28, Mar. 2017

Pre-recorded message played immediately with an offer for some tax evasion techniques.

28, Mar. 2017

They use other area 201 numbers as well to bother me and I have entered a complaint on those separately.

27, Mar. 2017

Help me with this, PLEASE.

27, Mar. 2017

Called at 6:13PM will not leave a message.

27, Mar. 2017

not in service - probably a spoofed number - very annoying - and diruptive - as well as all these scumbags calling at any time of the day - trying to scam you - the gov - needs to get on this and close hese scumbags off with heavy fines - not just a few thousand but millions in fines - hey a good source of revenue - so they can send more money to other countries - that hate out guts - amen .

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