Area Code 347

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Area code: 347
State: New York
Country: USA
Found you, turd sucker!
26, Jun. 2017

Dirtbag spamming phisher. Has the morals of terrorist. When the Scumbag is not molesting children, he's recording your answers to create bogus contracts for you to fight in court. Never, never answer. Don't ever say Yes.

19, Jun. 2017

Said I had a warrant out for my arrest for fraudulent tax returns from 2012-16!! Guess what then you can talk to H&R BLOCK!! AND I haven't FILED FOR 2016 YET!!

15, Jun. 2017

This number just called. A guy with an Indian accent (I'm guessing) got upset when I hung up on him so he calls back and said "bitch, you fucking pussy bitch" in the scariest voice ever. Just because I wouldn't give the owners name

Feleicia C
12, Jun. 2017

Caller ID says "caller unknown". Received voicemail, as an automated Telemarketer call, about some nonsense of lowering my credit card interest rates, paying only 50% of the total debt and 0% interest as part of a debt consolidation. I am Blocking this spoofed or burner phone. If this was a legit company why hide your business name? Darn scammers!

9, Jun. 2017

Person called from 210-582-1385 and said"This message is intended for "XXXX". My name is Natasha Parker calling from the internal Investigation department of the Internal Revenue Service Department. The reason of my call today is to notify you that an arrest warrant has been issued against your name and your physical address is under investigation. So before any legal action is being taken against you, please get back to us as soon as possible. At our department call back number which is 240-582-1385. I repeat, 240-582-1385. Once again, this is Natasha Parker calling from the Investigating department of the Internal Revenue Service. I coudn't tell where the accent originated. May be Indian?, but may have had spent some time in England or Australia? I am not good about distinguishing, but there was some type of other country influence in the dialect. Definitely not from the USA.

9, Jun. 2017

Me too

8, Jun. 2017

Stop puting incorrect information about this number and insulting the phone number you dirty person ...

7, Jun. 2017

Did not answer call, did not leave voicemail

7, Jun. 2017

Calls everyday never leaves message

4, Jun. 2017

hang up calls

3, Jun. 2017

Said was in FL. Offered to buy my vehicle for full asking price after only two vague non specific questions about it. Refused to call. When I questioned about why he had a NY number in FL, called me an idiot.

2, Jun. 2017

I received 3 calls just this morning after receiving 2 calls yesterday; I thought being on the 'do not call' list would suffice, obviously not. I was happy to hear this horrific recording of possible criminal punishment was a scam. Shame on this person for doing this to innocent people.

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