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Regional statistics: Far Rockaway, New York has a population of 2229379 that is in a county of 782664 units. The city is in a county that is 109 square miles.

Other cities around Far Rockaway include:
Bronx, Brooklyn, New York, Staten Island

We are able to provide you with information on 347-292 exchange (handled by ) in Far Rockaway, New York and most of the U.S (in addition to certain Canadian cities)

Anonymous is reporting 347-292-7615:

They call relentlessly, usually "unknown caller", so am not able to give a phone #. They do not give you a chance to opt out from their calls. I have probably received 50 calls. Help!! I'm so annoyed. Thank you.

Reported 4, Feb. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 347-292-1201:

We get this call several times daily. This has been occurring for almost a month. It seems that knowing the phone no. and location plus the number of complaints you should be able to track this person down and pull the plug. I appreciate your efforts. If you will Google this number you will see all the other complaints about this one number.

Reported 20, Jan. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 347-292-8075:

Unsolicited call from a company that came with a recording followed by rude, pushy person demanding to know if I had any objections. I informed him that I was on the do not call list and he hung up before I could get the company's name. Attempts to return the call were unsuccessful.

Reported 21, Jun. 2013.
Anonymous is reporting 347-292-8683:

Uses a voice activated prompt to ask you whether you are interested. I'm not sure what.

Reported 16, May. 2013.
Anonymous is reporting 347-292-9683:

they call and ask for someone else, but I tell them nobody by that name lives here.

Reported 7, Dec. 2012.
Anonymous is reporting 347-292-7945:

Reported 8, Jul. 2012.
Anonymous is reporting 347-292-9893:

I have not nor do not wish to do business with these people.

Reported 15, May. 2012.
Anonymous is reporting 347-292-7291:

We have no outstanding credit card debt and are not able to tell them to stop calling.,

Reported 13, May. 2012.
Anonymous is reporting 347-292-9625:

New wave of these maggots the last couple of weeks have crawled out from under their rocks. I hope they can be stopped.

Reported 7, May. 2012.
Anonymous is reporting 347-292-9794:

I have not nor do not wish to do business with these people.

Reported 4, May. 2012.
Anonymous is reporting 347-292-8610:

No idea who or why my cell number is being targeted.

Reported 4, May. 2012.
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