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Regional statistics: New York, New York has a population of 8107916 that is in a county of 738644 units. The city is in a county that is 28 square miles.

Other cities around New York include:
Bronx, South Richmond Hill, Staten Island, Bayside

We are able to provide you with information on 347-281 exchange (handled by ) in New York, New York and most of the U.S (in addition to certain Canadian cities)

Amir is reporting 347-281-7866:

Got a call from guy with Indian accent. He told me that he is an officer of IRS.

Reported 11, Feb. 2016.
joe is reporting 347-281-7504:

everyday, at 7pm, when I feel like I give the usual greeting, go have oral sex with a pig. where is our so called government, they have to be Obama campaign fund contributors. its a shame there name wasn't tea party pharmacy, they be shut down tomorrow

Reported 22, Feb. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 347-281-0750:

This was a call I did not ask for. It was a recorded call, with only the option to press one to find out further details. There was no chance to talk to a live person, and the automated system did not have an option for having our number removed from the system. We have received the same call several times over the last few months.

Reported 8, Feb. 2014.
Anonymous is reporting 347-281-7505:

These people keep calling. They call constantly and won't stop even though we ask them repeatedly to stop calling.

Reported 28, Mar. 2013.
Anonymous is reporting 347-281-5803:

They call EVERY night, and hang up when I ask them to remove me from their list. The Do Not Call registry needs to act on this.

Reported 27, Oct. 2012.
Anonymous is reporting 347-281-0158:

The call I received was about lowering my credit card interest rate.

Reported 16, May. 2012.
Anonymous is reporting 347-281-0528:

Following text received at 12:50 a.m. (Yes, after midnight.) "Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPad 3! But only the 1st 1000 users that go to and enter code BETA will Receive it."

Reported 9, Apr. 2012.
Anonymous is reporting 347-281-0756:

Got this text message about Apple this Easter at 6:30AM on my cell phone. Woke up all our visitors then beaped an alert every 15 minutes till I got up and turned it off. What a rotten thing to do to someone!

Reported 8, Apr. 2012.
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